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Jumbo Tanker v1.0 2007-10-09


UPDATE v1.0 Added the QJ!

The Jumbo Tanker is the latest addition for use with the Lunar Transfer Vehicle
system. It is a simple unmanned tank with an engine just big enough to maneuver to
rendezvous with a station or another vessel in Low-Earth Orbit (LEO). It carries
700,000 kg of propellant, which should provide an ample supply to spacecraft in
orbit. It is launched atop a Nova rocket booster, and is expendable. Once almost
empty, use the remaining fuel to deorbit it and ditch it in the sea.

Once in orbit, you can transfer fuel to the Lunar Transfer Vehicle or to a storage
tank on a space station or to any other vessel you wish to use. Version 1.0 comes
with a slightly higher-thrust motor to make transfers a little easier.

The Jumbo Tanker QJ (quad-jet) is a modified Jumbo Tanker which sacrifices some
propellant mass for a bigger, higher-thrust engine cluster. This version makes it
easier to transport large quantites of propellant to lunar orbit straight off the
booster in one mission. Although a significant fraction of its propellant is burnt
just to get to lunar orbit, there will be quite a bit left over for use by local
customers. Like it's weaker-engined sister vehicle, it's expendable, although you
can keep it in lunar orbit and use it as a handy storage tank depending on your
particular setup.

There is a docking port on the forward end.

NOTE: Some older scenarios using the Jumbo Tanker may need to be modified to load
properly. See the included doc file.

This addon is a Spacecraft3.dll vessel (included).
Visit vinka's site:

To pump fuel, I recommend the Fuel Managment MFD, if you can find it, or use one of
the similar fuel mfds found on Orbit Hangar.

Scenarios use the following addons, though you can always insert the Jumbo Tanker
into your own scenario without them:

The Nova-SSTO last seen on Sourceforge:

AndyMc's Jupiter V superheavy booster:
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