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Kev33's Mirage 2000 Module Updated for Orbiter 2016 0

This is an updated add-on flight module for Kev33's Mirage 2000 recompiled for Orbiter 2016 using the new Jet Engine Model Library for Orbiter 2016 by Thunder Chicken.

  1. Download and install Kev33's original Mirage 2000 add-on (found here).
  2. Download and install this add-on package into same directory structure.
Press A to engage afterburner.​
Press C to Raise Canopy​
Press G for Gear.​
Press L to toggle running lights and strobes.​
Press J to Refuel when stopped.​
Press , or . for differential brake steering​
Press F8 for VC with HUD and MFD when in cockpit mode.​
Use mouse to look aound VC while holding the right mouse button.​

This add-on adds a new module (Mirage2000.dll) and only overwrites the original configuration file to use the new module, and the Mirage 2000 at KSC.scn file to relocate the model on the SLF runway 33 in Orbiter 2016. The old call to Kev33's original module is retained in the new configuration file and is simply commented out.


In addition to getting Kev33's excellent Mirage2000 meshes and animations flying again in Orbiter 2016, this module also includes a number of flight and ground handling physics improvements, including:
  • Compiled using the new Jet Engine Model Library for Orbiter 2016 by Thunder Chicken. The actual thrust, fuel consumption, ceiling and maximum speed performance of an air-breathing SNECMA-M53-P2 turbofan engine with afterburning as used in the Mirage 2000C is faithfully modeled.
  • Updated aircraft aerodynamic model with correct mass, fuel capacity, drag, and airfoil properties for the delta winged Mirage 2000 aircraft are implemented. This, coupled with the new jet engine model, yields maximum speed and ceiling performance very close to the specifications of the real Mirage2000C.
  • Differential brake steering implemented for improved taxiing control and stopping performance.
  • Animation states, lights, and afterburner status are now recorded in the scenario file.

Kev33's original meshes are used unmodified and the animations were preserved as much as possible, based on his original code provided with his add-on. However, the code was modified to allow recording of the animation states and so if there are any errors or unexpected behaviors in the visual model and animations, or any of the engine or flight physics aspects of the model, address them to me (Thunder Chicken) for correction. You can PM me through Orbiter Forum.
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Thunder Chicken
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