Launch Sounds for the Space Shuttle

Launch Sounds for the Space Shuttle 2020-08-16


This addon adds real-life launch commentaries to all 135 individual Shuttle missions from 1981-2011. This is a major recompile of my previous releases and updated according to the latest development of gattispilot's Space Transportation System 2016. Most payloads running previously on spacecraft4 or genericvessel.dll were now converted to VB! As always, credits to the original creators of shuttle payload add-ons!
[*]Space Transportation System 2016 by gattispilot
[*]Project - VesselBuilder by fred18
[*]STS-Payloads v2.01 by gazza
[*]STS-Payloads Expansion Pack for Fleet V4.8 by David413
[*]STS-51L by hutchison66
[*]Sunnyvale STS Missions by BrianJ
[*]STS-29-Heat-Transfer-Exp-update by hutchison66
[*]STS-28 for ShuttleFleet by hutchison66
[*]Galileo by hutchison66
[*]Asteroid Pack 1.00 by NightHawke
[*]HST (EX) for Orbiter 2016Â by BrianJ
[*]GEP - Ulysses by missileman01
[*]STS-35 Astro-1Â by hutchison66
[*]STS-37 for ShuttleFleet by hutchison66
[*]STS-46 for ShuttleFleet by hutchison66
[*]STS-51 ACTS satellite by hutchison66
[*]STS-66 Mission by jacquesmomo and pappy2
[*]Mir Space Station V1.3 by thorton
[*]MIR space station photo-realistic textures 1.0 by 4throck [ rgb(206, 198, 206)]optional[/ rgb(206, 198, 206)][*]ISS Fleet V4.5 for Orbiter 2010 by David413 [ rgb(206, 198, 206)]for the Soyuz TMA/Progress[/ rgb(206, 198, 206)][*]STS-95 for ShuttleFleet by hutchison66
[*]Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016
[*]Zvezda Virtual Cockpit by 4throck [ rgb(206, 198, 206)]for the Mir Core interior[/ rgb(206, 198, 206)][*]CHANDRA-X and IUSÂ by jacquesmomo and pappy2
[*]Instrument SRTMÂ by No MatterÂ
[*]STS-100 SSRMS and Pallet by Donamy
[*]STS-111 for ISS A2ZÂ by hutchison66
[*]STS-107 payloads by DaveS
[*]Crew Transfer Vehicule - Pegase - v2.1Â by Well and No Matter
[*]STS-125 Expansion Pack for Shuttle Fleet by David413
[*]H-IIB HTVÂ by Donamy

[*]Countdown timers start immediately at the beginning of the scenario.
[*]On STS-51-F (Challenger), DO NOT FAST FORWARD TIME SHORTLY AFTER SRB-SEP because its WAV still plays right up until ATO callout at T+5 minutes. A silent gap is present in the audio file itself
[*]Launch audio for STS-30 (Atlantis) is uploaded separately here
[*]On STS-37 (Atlantis), I included a patch for the Compton Observatory because in my installation, I don't know why it causes CTD. This patch only rearranges the attachment points from the original .INI file
[*]On STS-46 (Atlantis), a patch for EURECA was also added for the same reasons above
[*]See the Statistics.txt for the info on when the launch audio starts from the countdown, and instructions on how to operate them manually on start
[*]See the Controls.txt for the specific controls of VB-converted payloads. VesselBuilder handles controls slightly differently than Spacecraft4/GenericVessel does

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