Neptunian Moons for Orbiter 2016

Neptunian Moons for Orbiter 2016 1


This addon includes semifictional surface textures (up to level 8) with elevation (up to level 6), surface bases, surface feature markers, and MFD maps for the three main Neptunian moons (Proteus, Triton, and Nereid). The textures were derived from the work of multiple artists, credit to whom is found in the redme document.

Please note, as Neptune's moons are yet to be fully imaged/mapped, the unknown areas contain ficticious data.

More information is included in the readme document, including how the textures and heightmaps were made, credits to artists and how to add microtextures for the D3D9 graphics client.

This was my second time making surface elvation maps, so please report any issues in the discussion page for this addon. I will release the vector maps with low-res versions seperately as part of my Solar System MFD map series shortly. If people like this addon let me know, I might consider creating more height maps for other moon systems.

Thank you all,
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