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OMX with Nex'Orbiter OMX v.1.1.0 (alpha) within Nex'Orbiter

New era in Orbiter Multi-Player for a persistent universe.

  1. These OMX v.1.x.x versions are part of a series of Alpha versions. If you are not an advanced Orbiter user, you may feel discouraged. Please, come back later for Beta versions.
  2. Advanced users shall make sure to use a vanilla Orbiter 2016 install, as some default files are permanently replaced.
For convenience, OMX is provided here within a full functional kit for our gamedev experiment "Nex'Orbiter". Please read file for credits, installation and bug report. To download the engine OMX only, which is under GPLv2 as a fork and continuation of OMP, go to the git repository indicated by the "External download URL". Use a vanilla install of Orbiter 2016.

  • From OMX v1.1.0:
    • MFD STC shows if a vessel is locally controlled and if it is grounded (landed)
    • Shorter GINFO sent (extended only in "transfer")
    • Landed status reviewed and extended (inspired by ParkingBrake)
    • More stability in vessel transfers, keeping thrust or parking status
    • (fix) vessel status on non-spherical surfaces managed locally and shared remotely
    • (fix) remote vessel suspended and/or jittering above surface
    • (fix) while transfering, prevented the ghost from tumbling like crazy
    • (for devs) Review of the Critical Sections calls, with Logging at level 5
    • Note: user account management is implemented but not deployed yet.
Special Thanks for this version: @jacquesmomo, @asbjos
  • From OMX v1.0.0:
    • New Space Traffic Control MFD added (with poor GUI, ok)
    • Offer/Take vessel was made functional, for alpha debug
    • scenarii at Rochambeau airport and in deep Space (Mars, Phobos)
Special Thanks for this version: @Face
  • before OMX v1.x, Face & fellows developed OMP until v.0.8.2. with an initial multi-user layer.
Developers: you can contribute => download the source code and see "OMX_ToDoList.txt" at the root.
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  1. 2016
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