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OMX with OrbiterX OMX v1.0.0 (alpha) with OrbiterX v2.6

First release of a new era of Orbiter Multi-Player features!

  1. These OMX v.1.x.x versions are part of a series of Alpha versions. If you are not an advanced Orbiter user, you may feel discouraged. Please, come back later for Beta versions.
  2. Advanced users shall make sure to use a vanilla Orbiter 2016 install, as some default files are permanently replaced. You are warned.
  3. Unfortunately, I could not make the runtime operational and you need to have VS2019 locally installed (help will be appreciated).
(deployment on Nov.1st, see comments on the channel)​

For convenience, you can unzip the attached Alpha version Add-on into a vanilla install of Orbiter 2016 and accept all replacements. It will install:
  • Rochambeau 12/2020, by Papyref et al., freeware (tbc)
  • OMX v1.0.0 by Boxx, as a continuation of OMP 0.8.2, by Face & fellows, open source
  • a few fixes and adaptations on Rochambeau add-on.
As well, you could also install your OMX v1.0.0 from the repository (see post footer) as it is open-source GPLv2. Indeed, this release should not have been possible without the great work of Face & fellows for OMP v.0.8.2.

See "how to" in the discussion...

Report bugs & requirements, but make sure that you made the proper install. I needed about 10 months (equivalent to ca.3 months full time) to upgrade OMP to this version, so please help me to make it easy to use for new comers as well :)

Gitlab repository for OMX v1.0.0:
  • initial commit of the main branch is the original OMP v0.8.2
  • current status of OMX = STC_dev branch
  • (merge of STC_dev to main is pending)
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