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Orb2010 VesselM Pack: Historical Spaceports, R-9, First in Space, Vostok, Soyuz, Proton, Collectors 2020-11-08


This version is for Orbiter 2010. Use alternative pack for Orbiter 2016.
Updated in May 2021.
Collection of historical and modern Russian addons, previously published separately, now consolidated in a single pack.
These addons are
implemented with the (still experimental) VesselM development library. Each addon package can be downloaded individually - select
only the ones you want (or need for dependency).
Historical Spaceports addon is a prerequisite for all other addons in this package.Collectors Addition addon requires all other addons to be installed.Be sure to carefully read all manuals in the addons you download.HISTORICAL SPACEPORTS V1.5

"Landscaping" surface bases for multiple sites across the vast spaces of Baikonur Cosmodrome (with some newer Soyuz launchpads placeholders in other parts of the world). Serves as a background for other historical addons. Dense area buildups, accurate to specific time periods. Mockups of the launch facilities, replaceable by real launchpad "vessels" in dependent historical addons. Demo scenarios set in an isolated Solar System.
This version drops dependency on separate Baikonur Tiles addon.

1957... 1958... 1959... 1966... Just spelling out these numbers sends goosebumps down the spine of every space enthusiast. The whole universe lies out there - virgin, untouched, waiting for the first visitors... And the visitors finally came - in flocks!
Most of the first discoveries during this fantastic period were accomplished by a country, that is not on the globe anymore. Soviet Union started the Space Race with the launch of the planet's first satellite, and, in the following decade, had scored quite an impressive list of 'firsts' in the race, forcing the USA to take space flights seriously.
Many of Soviet Union's historical space achievements are recreated in this "educational" addon. Welcome to the history!

R-9 ICBM V1.4

R-9 is a truly legendary Russian ICBM. Due to a complete secrecy blackout, its name and history was totally unknown to the general public till very end of the Soviet Union.
Yet, for most of these years, the missile itself had been displayed - unnamed and unlabeled - in plain sight, on Moscow street, in front of the USSR Armed Forces Museum. No doubt she had been selected for this display due to its remarkable deadly elegance, standing out among the other, more utilitarian missiles.
This addon pays tribute to this almost forgotten gem of the rocketry history, and to the people who created it in the early years of the Rocket Age.

Relive the first ever human space flight! Join Yuri Gagarin as he travels into history! Sit in his chair - and hold tight!
Additionally, you get all other historical manned Vostok missions (including paired flights, the first female cosmonaut, etc.)
You also get all pre-Vostok unmanned Korabl-Sputnik test flights (including dog missions, published and unannounced failed launches, etc.)
Finally, you get several hypothetical emergency rescue demonstrations.
This version adds English translation for cockpit labels and defines strict dependency on D3D9Client version.


This addon contains the following items related to Soyuz operations:
Soyuz launcher: both older Soyuz FG and newer Soyuz 2.1A versions;Fregat upper stage: with scenario-programmable autopilot;Soyuz TMA spaceship: crew transport vehicle for ISS.Ground LES test: demonstration of Launch Escape capability.
Numerous ready-to-fly demo scenarios with the ability to customize or create your own.
Depends on "ISS_v3.2_07.09.10" addon.

Spring 20201 adds Thorton's heavily redone Proton addon to the VesselM family.
Four Proton launchpads;Proton - K and M versions;Block D/DM and Briz M upper stages;Six functional satellites done with Istochnikov's meshes;
Lots of missions to fly:
Zond lunar program;Space Station modules;GEO launches with Block DM and Briz M;GLONASS launches;Launch failures and custom missions demos.

This is a "bonus pack" for those who download and install all other addons in this pack (and their prerequisites). Scenarios supplied in this pack demonstrate how you can mix and match vessels from different VesselM-based addons (preferably based on the same VesselM version), and provide some extra eye-candy fun.

vcredist_x86.exe for Visual Studio 2015 redistributables is provided in Downloads in case your machine does not have them.