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Perseus Launcher & Perseus MkII 1.3 2010-11-16


For Orbiter 2010, stage- and exhaust-bug fixed. new in version1.3:
-another name bug fixed, there was sometimes problems with CTD after realoding a scenario, it seems that orbiter 2010 doesnt support split names correct
Launch the awesome Perseus deep space ship from KSC!!!
Perseus and the launcher are NON-SciFi vessels, build from current/near technologies. ISS building is in progress since more than 10 years and still not finished. The mutch bigger non-modular Perseus ship to build in space would take 15 years and more with current technics, so the autor of Perseus and me decided to launch the ship complet from earth surface to space with a single launch. Includes:properseus Launcher
-beautifully meshes from salvadortega
-650mT to LEO launcher with 4 STS SRBs and a liquid
 hydrogen/LOX stage derived from NASAs Constellation programm
-impressing exhausts
-launch auto pilot with exciting sound from mission controlPerseus MkII
-correct simulation of the propulsion system, both engines are separately available now with own Isp, fuel mass and thrust
-mutch more dV up to 408km/s with ion engine and 17km/s with
nuclear thermal engine (normal Perseus 76km/s in mixed mode)
-own exhausts for every engine and RCSYou need
new Perseus from Salvador with landing gear
ReFuel MFD
Spacecraft3 and multistage2 by Vinka
Have Fun !!!
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