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RSB-Rocket Stage Builder v171018 2017-10-17


RocketStageBuilder creates a stage mesh from input properties.
Latest update:- add fins texture- fix tank upper/lower textures- add fairing lower/middle/upper textures- add multiple nozzles- add material properties- add materials to fins, tank (lower/middle/upper), nozzle, lower/upper interstage, fairing(lower/middle/upper)- fix number of textures- fix fairing angle
Requires:- JAVA JRE (
Features:- builds tank based on radius, length and number of sections; rounded upper and lower tank sections- builds nozzle based on radius(throat and exit), length and number of sections- builds lower interstage- builds upper interstage- builds fins (number, length, height, bottom tank diff, lower/upper fin angle)- builds fairing in 3 sections lower, middle and upper- allow multiple nozzles- textures to all components- materials to all components
To change parameters use or create your own properties file and add it to bat file.

!!! It includes a bat file that contains only the following line !!!java -jar RocketStageBuilder.jar Properties/ can multiply this line to generate multiple meshes based on different properties files)
Source code included. No commercial use without my permission.
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