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Space Network Plugin 2013-07-30


The Space Network plugin recreates the Network of Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System and Ground Tracking Station for both near Earth communication and Deep Space communication and simulate interaction of the current vehicle in the simulation with the Network.
Main Features:
Works with every vessel in Orbiter

Adds realism to the simulation

Easy to use

Creates two antennas for every vehicle and calculate the signal for each of them in different manner

Already contains data for the real major tracking stations, deep space network stations and TDRS satellite

Display also information and coverage areas on the earth's map

Bases and satellites fully customizable

High gain antenna direction customizable for every vessel in Orbiter

Compute also Loss of signal in orbits around celestial bodies different than Earth

Thanks to Pete Conrad from ForumOrbiterItalia for the mesh of the TDRS-ASVI and to the community for beta testing
Information for ground stations and TDRS were found on internet (wikipedia and Nasa websites).
For any issue or comments contact me
Fred1801/08/2013 Small Update: I recompiled the module in "release" mode, in order to solve some compatibility issue, now should work on every system
First release
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