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USAF SR-2 2017-10-18


In the mid 2030s, the United States Air Force identified the need to acquire a manned spacecraft that would allow them to gather intelligence and provide reconnaissance as the US and competitor nations began making their way into space, establishing a presence on the Moon and Mars. It would also be used to deploy and maintain US military satellites and ferry agents to and from surveillance outposts and stations. The USAF solicited proposals from several aerospace companies and ultimately chose Altea Aerospace's proven XR2 Ravenstar as the spacecraft that would fill this role. The new spacecraft was adopted after some slight modifications and entered service in 2038, officially designated the SR-2 Ravenstar. Detachment 1 (Det 1), deactivated in 1990 after a storied history of flying SR-71s out of Kadena AB, Okinawa, was reactivated under the 9th Reconnaissance Wing and assigned to Patrick AFB for SR-2 operations.
Two livery options in seperate folders to choose from; a hi vis look for your classified projects and a lo vis look for your super duper secret tier 1 dark projects. No one will even know you're there. Also includes yellow USAF pressure suits for Nash & Miller and engine nozzles without the red stripes.
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