VecMapper 2.0


VecMapper 2.0 is a simple program which allows users to create and edit the .vec file maps used by the map MFD in Orbiter versions 2010 and up.

Basic Functionality
The program works by allowing users to draw a lines over an (optinally) imported image file. These lines, broken into closed segments, are then converted into a simple text document called a .vec file. It is this file which Orbiter's map MFD reads.

Some Features
  • import reference images
  • open existing .vec files and edit them
  • create new .vec files
  • draw, delete and edit lines
  • shift and flip maps
  • view and edit the resolution (vertex count) of maps


Examples of Maps Made with Vecmapper 2.0
With a little patience and a slow cursor speed, it is possible to create detailed maps. I have recently finished a series of map addon packages for the planets and moons of the Solar System. These maps were the product of my debugging VecMapper 2.0. They can be found here:
Currently VecMapper2.0 is distributed under proprietary license. Full license details can be found in the included end-user documentation.

Compatibility and Current Known Limitations
VecMapper 2.0 is an improved version of the very primitive VecMapper 1, and the concept is still in its early stages. This version of VecMapper, though an improvement on the last, still does have limitations, including poor scaling on sceens outside of 1920p x 1080p.

As this is a first release, please report any issues and bugs to the discussion page for this addon.

Future Versions and Prospects
The future of VecMapper is largely dependant on how future versions of Orbiter handle map imagery. The vector map format is notoriously slow on lower-end PCs, but this is largely due to the use of the HDC API. I personally love the result the line-style maps give in the MFD, and hope that the .vec format has a future in Orbiter. It is my fond hope that VecMapper provides a way for fellow creators to bring more beauty and detail to Orbiter.

Thank you all,
Software License
Proprietary License
Supported Orbiter Version
  1. 2016
  2. 2010-P1
  3. 2010
Mr Martian
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