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XR2 Twilight Sparkle v1.0 2011-07-30


XR2 skin: Twilight Sparkle2011 River Crab
Ver. 1.0
This fictional livery is based on the unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle, as seen in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Representing the element of magic, Twilight is Princess Celestia's dearest and most faithful student. She is a gifted magic user, and quite the little astronomer...
In the included scenario, help Twilight set up her telescope at the best place there is; in space! Take off from Wideawake, and use your cargo deck to release the Stargazer mini space telescope into the correct orbit. Deploy the telescope, activate the RCS, turn retrograde to point the lense toward zenith, and enjoy the stars.
Spike has already programmed the target inclination into your computer. Good luck- Twilight is counting on you!
Stargazer scenario requires the S3 Hyperdart package, Universal Cargo Deck, and Wideawake.
Also contains a standard test scenario in the skin demos folder.
To use this skin in your own scenarios, add:
SKIN TwilightSparkle
to the Ravenstar's configuration saved in the scenario.
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