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    TransX Crashes

    The latest TransX works with Orbiter 2016. I have not tested it with Orbiter beta yet.
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    Updates China Space Station l Updates, News & Discussion

    An important note to commenters This thread deals with the space program of the People's Republic of China (PRC) only. If you want to discuss the Formosat program run by the Republic of China (ROC; Taiwan), do this at...
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    OHM Vostok v1.1 (for external graphic clients)

    When I tried to fly Vostok 2, I could not realise the meanings of the Яцssiап labels in the cockpit. I would have to learn Яцssiап so that I would not have any problems on flying Vostok 2–6.
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    News 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight and 40th anniversary of STS-1

    Yeah, it is true. But I wanted to say that Vostok 1 was technologically inferior to the Mercury capsule, where John Glenn landed with the capsule after an orbital flight. Returning while remaining inside the capsule is obviously safer than returning while remaining outside the capsule.
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    Updates Blue Origin New Shepard News and Updates

    I am quite unfamiliar with Blue Origin, but I want to say that New Shepard is a useless waste of money. It is flown more than 10 times with no crewed mission. It will never boost space tourism if it does not have any crewed flight, no matter how expensive it will be. I will be happy if BO fly...
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    News 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight and 40th anniversary of STS-1

    Again, we came to know about Yuri's ejection in 1991, and he had to say some lies to the press to keep this secret. As I said in my "communism, socialism and secrecy" thread, the Soviets publicised their successes and hid their failures till 1991, when all the hidden failures were declassified...
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    Updates SLS Updates

    Ah, the long-awaited testing is finally complete! Will Orion open its wings to the Moon in 2022? Will Americans return to the lunar surface in the 60th anniversary of Apollo 8 in 2028? Damn, I tend not to focus on these schedules since 2020.
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    OHM Vostok v1.1 (for external graphic clients)

    Флай сеф Юрий Гагарин (fly safe Yuri Gagarin).
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Thank you. We have to follow all the measures to completely prevent COVID-19. While I will follow most of the measures, I may not follow the vaccination measure, since the vaccination program is waning in India. 😢
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    News 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight and 40th anniversary of STS-1

    One thing I would like to say that unlike modern space capsules, Vostok 1 did not land with the cosmonaut. Yuri ejected from the spacecraft after re-entry. This is one of the truths of Soviet space program that was hidden from us for three decades. It was 1991 when we came to know about these...
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    News 60th anniversary of Gagarin's flight and 40th anniversary of STS-1

    On this day, 60 years ago, Yuri Gagarin flew to space with his Vostok 1 spacecraft. After completing one orbit, he became the first man to go to space. Today is the 60th anniversary of his daring flight, and Russia is proud of him. There are several places named after Yuri Gagarin. Quoting...
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    In order to avoid any political discussions in this thread, I have created a thread in the Basement. In order to access to this thread, make sure that you have checked "Opt in" in the Preferences setting. Link:
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    OHM Sunnyvale STS Missions

    It is not designed for 2016, since it requires Shuttle Fleet 4.8 (incompatible with 2016). Staffs should not be idle in this situation.
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    Obiter vs Reentry

    You're right. I don't quite understand what the "Art against Science" means. I thought it means that realism is like unscientific aesthetics.
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    New Release "Artemis 8" using Dragon

    I often believe that human-rated Falcon Heavy is impossible because the rocket is too shaky to be safe for human. But anyway, nice add-on.
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    Obiter vs Reentry

    I would like to create a list of real-life aircraft add-ons working with 2016. I generally like to live and die with science, and don't care much about aesthetics. Therefore, immersion is better than realism IMO.
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    Flying round the airport to slow down the aircraft?

    Thanks a lot. I just want to land DG correctly on the runway, not the Shuttle (which I can land by using roll reversals and S-turns).
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    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Yeah, North Korea is notorious for its secrecy, compared with most countries. However, I won't discuss about its secrecy in detail here, it belongs to the Basement.
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    [NASSP 7] Crew egress on splashdown

    Any possibility of an alpha release of NASSP 8? Of course, some of the features that are only possible in beta will be lost, and some workarounds would be necessary. The discussion of implementing NASSP for 2016 was opened before the discussion of implementing AMSO for 2016. However, the AMSO...
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    Space Shuttle Atlantis Operations Manual 150811

    A guide on how to use Space Shuttle Atlantis in Orbiter. Credits to Martin Schweiger.