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  1. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Saw a glaring error on the product label. ‘frompples’ should’ve been ‘from apples’. If that error was missed in quality, what does that say about the product?
  2. Arvil

    Internet Video Thread

    So, how many Orbiter and KSP sessions could we run simultaneously on that?
  3. Arvil

    News Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90

    Oops! I hadn’t noticed the autocomplete screwed me again.
  4. Arvil

    News Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins dies at 90

    Bob voyage, General.☹️
  5. Arvil

    Updates NASA's Mars 2020 Rover

  6. Arvil

    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    I imagine it depresses in one frame and resets the next. The brain ain’t fast enough to register that. Maybe find a real switch like that, l like a radio or TV. Time yourself pressing the switch ten times. Divide by ten to get cycle time for your finger, half that is depress cycle, the other...
  7. Arvil

    Advanced Question How to display radar and it's range in simulation

    Urwumpe’s SensorMFD? Otherwise, IMFD Find tool can point the vessel at any celestial body that is visible, then in OrbitMFD, changing the reference body will call out its range. VOR/VTOL can give you direction and...
  8. Arvil

    Space Shuttle Simulator

    It’s probably not a bad idea anyway, redundancy in case of failure of one, the other will still give plenty of air and would not result in an abort.
  9. Arvil

    Space Shuttle Simulator

    You probably wouldn’t need both fans. If you use one on the exhaust side, when it removes air, air gotta come in somewhere, so you could just provide openings where you intended, you won’t need a fan on it. People breathing even doing labor only use about 2.5 cu meters per hour (equivalent to...
  10. Arvil

    Advanced Question Local light source attenuation calculation

    Try ‘Color temperature’ at Wikipedia. It has several equations related to black body color responses by temperature including for incandescent lighting and toward the end treats more modern applications such as LED lighting. Hope that helps.
  11. Arvil

    Software NASSP Apollo 8 CTD Issue

    I don't run the NASSP, mainly because I'm also on a low end laptop, HD mostly full, but I have a second monitor, but on different format (4×3), than the main screen(16×9). If I have it plugged in before I start Orbiter_ng, everything works OK, including other apps and stuff on the second...
  12. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    The boring part would be made up by Boris Johnson's hair.
  13. Arvil

    Humor Random Comments Thread

    @n72.75: Or if you had a scanner with decent OCR, you could always scan it to Google Translate, see how it does.
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    General Question What is inward dV and outward dV?

    You have an SIV-B? Cool. It’ll be kinda expensive to fill, won’t it? lol
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    Internet Video Thread

    Ooh! I want one; can’t find it on amazon.
  16. Arvil

    News COVID-19 pandemic

    Johnson recently produced about 15 million doses with wrong ingredients, fortunately, they never got into the field. Oooops!
  17. Arvil

    News USS Johnston: Sub dives to deepest-known shipwreck

    I’ve seen that in many deep sea videos. There’s always little bits of stuff floating about. Maybe small critters, maybe small bits of plant and other material from above, some could be bits of plastic and other stuff we put there. What’s living down there is the cleanup crew for the oceans. Like...
  18. Arvil

    New update about my progress.

    Landing on an airless world isn't that difficult at all, but consider PursuitMFD and HoverMFD. I've used Pursuit and am working with Hover getting the hang of it. Both are pretty slick. Both are available at OrbitHangar.
  19. Arvil

    Obiter vs Reentry

    The best part of Orbiter are the folks involved here not just running the sims, many of the folks you speak with here made this stuff up, and it is rocket science! Even the most basic questions are happily answered by the authors of everything here. And they are made up of folks from all over...
  20. Arvil

    Is the Wiki site down?

    Gulliver . . . I mean, Urwumpe v spambots.