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    General Question Moon high resolution texture question

    I recently installed the moon high resolution texture. I can't really tell the difference between it and the old low resolution texture that I had. I realize that the place where the difference should be seen is down close to the ground, but I see nothing. Is there something that I might be...
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    Question Terminating an executing Lua script?

    Is there a way (such as CTRL-C or CTRL-D) to terminate an executing Lua script? Thanks.
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    Question Output to file?

    I am currently running some test routines and would like to send generated output to a file. Is it possible to do so? Thanks.
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    Question VTOL info? (specifically direction)

    As I approach a VTOL pad I would like to be able to obtain information (via Lua) on the pad's bearing and distance. Distance is not a problem: range = oapi.get_navrange(hNav) I don't see anything that will give me a bearing. Am I missing something? Thanks.
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    Problem Code works as an upper level function, but not when called.

    I have a piece of code to establish a constant vertical velocity on the moon of 1 m/s which works just fine when invoked directly, but not when called. When called, the Delta Glider NT barely moves at all and settles back to the ground very quickly. I don't understand what is going on here. Any...
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    Question Calculations and execution times?

    When performing calculations, do you need to account for the execution times of proc.skip() and proc.wait_simdt(dt)?
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    Problem proc.wait_simdt() issue?

    Sometimes when I use proc.wait_simdt() it will cause Orbiter to hang or freeze. I figure: I am doing something in other parts of the script causing this behavior or there might be some issue with this routine that I don't know about I would appreciate any insight that anyone could offer. Thanks.
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    Question Is there a good way in Lua to determine vertical velocity?

    Is there a good way in Lua to determine what your vertical velocity is at any given time? Thanks in advance.
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    Question Can parameters be passed to a Lua script when it is invoked?

    Can parameters be passed to a Lua script when it is invoked? If so, what is an example invocation?
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    Question Lua call to open retro engine doors?

    Is there a Lua call to open retro engine doors? I have not been able to find one.
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    Problem Altitude Display Problem/"Hold Altitude Autopilot Problem

    Vehicle: Delta Glider NT Context: Scenario -> Delta Glider -> Brighton Beach The following altitudes are displayed as shown upon opening the scenario and before taking any action or leaving the pad. Incorrect Display of Altitude: Display of altitude on Surface MFD: -2.56 km Display of...
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    General Question Blinking display

    When I run Orbiter 2016 the display sometimes "blinks." While this doesn't cause the software to crash it is pretty annoying. Has this been seen before? If so, what causes it? Will putting a graphics card on my machine help with this problem? AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics 3500...
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    Question Lua print() function and Lua libraries?

    Does the Lua print() function not work in the Lua console (in Orbiter) because that console is not defined as stdout? Are the Lua libraries generally available? Thanks.
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    General Question Need intro/tutorial information on reference frames

    Being new to Orbiter, I need intro/tutorial information on the different frames of reference and when they are used. If someone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful.Thanks.
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    Question Determining distance between docking ports on different vessels

    The following question arises in the context of "Go Play in Space," chapter 2: On the Docking MFD, a distance is shown to the docking port on the other vessel. How is this distance determined?
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    Question Time length of simulation step?

    Is a simulation frame one second in length, or a shorter time period? Perhaps it can be configured? If so, how?
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    Chapter 2: Go Play in Space - Lua script

    I have written (as a beginner) a Lua script which addresses the orbit stabilization scenario presented in chapter 2 of "Go Play in Space." I would be happy to share it with anyone who is interested (and who can tell me where to put it and how to put it there). It contains simple examples of...
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    Question Getting orbit information?

    1) Is there a way to get information on orbit eccentricity using Lua? 2) Is there a way to get information on time to apoapsis? Okay. I figured out how to get tables with the information I need. What I don't know is how to extract information from the tables. Thanks. David
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    Question Changing input focus via a Lua script

    Is there a way to change the input focus (to a different vessel) using a Lua script. I hope nobody minds that I'm going to have a lot of beginner questions. Thanks.
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    Beginning Lua question

    I found in an example that term.out() is how output is generated to the Lua console. This function is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation for Lua that I have been looking at. Does anyone know where this function is documented? I would like to learn if I can output multiple variables in a...