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  1. Abloheet

    Double edged sword of technology

    When TV came to my house. I forgot how to read books. When the car came to my doorstep, I forgot how to walk. When I got the mobile in my hand, I forgot how to write letters. When computer came to my house, I forgot spellings When the AC came to my house, I stopped going under the tree for...
  2. Abloheet

    In The Beginning

    In The Beginning In the beginning, everything was present in nothing. The First Prime Monitor, switched on at 10e-43 seconds. This was the primordial equivalent of “Let there be light!” And everywhere was light. The Big Bang took place. More appropriately, space expanded 50 times faster than...
  3. Abloheet

    Flight Question What are course corrections?

    What are course corrections? How are they useful in orbital mechanics? Even if I write my Orbiter Experience as Advanced, since I have used Orbiter for 3 years, I still don't use course corrections in Orbiter Interplanetary Flights:shrug:
  4. Abloheet

    Software Local Light sources causes Orbiter 2010 P1 to fail

    Orbiter fails to load the splash screen when Local Light Sources are enabled. The installation is a standard Orbiter 2010 P1 installation without OrbiterSound and hi-res textures, in which Orbiter 2010 had already been executed 2-3 times, then the Pacth was applied. Orbiter runs without hitches...