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  1. Abloheet

    The person who posted the Megan AI Voice overhaul on No Man's Sky Nexusmods, is it you?

    The person who posted the Megan AI Voice overhaul on No Man's Sky Nexusmods, is it you?
  2. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Here's to hoping jarmonik gets some ideas! Not much use though, as he himself said before, that d3d9client at the moment is just a wrapper for very old DX7 api calls. Which can't do a lot of modern advanced stuff anyway. Just that the wrapper enables better performance for modern operating systems
  3. Abloheet

    General Question New AMD Graphics Cards

    Atmosphere coloured pixels appearing around the edge of the dark side is a side effect of the atmospheric shaders. Nothing to do with graphics card or drivers. I have never had issues with dx9 games on amd graphics cards. On the contrary, I have always observed that they perform very good, and...
  4. Abloheet

    Problem Blinking colored pixels around the dark side edge of earth See my post regarding this 'issue' here. Other users, and me, have also seen this effect, though it is debatable whether it is a 'bug'.
  5. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Yeah, I have noticed this a long time ago. Didn't think this to be a bug or an issue, though. It seems to be a side effect of the new atmosphere rendering shaders of dx9 client. It manifests as aliasing effects on the edge of the planet's night side, when it has a shaded atmosphere
  6. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    That would be very nice. The logical extension of this will be rendered engine exhaust heat, smoke and flames. I guess it could be done in D3D9, more work for Jarmonik.
  7. Abloheet

    Request Ragtags ships Firefly with shuttles,mule,and skids,UMMU,and UCGO compatible.

    As far as I remember, there isn't any version of firefly jumbo which has been recompiled with support for ucgo and ummu. If there was, I would be very happy. There is just a firefly jumbo add-on for orbiter 2006, which has all the features you mentioned like shuttles and skids, etc. Thankfully...
  8. Abloheet

    Request Ring Shadows

    Sorry for necro-posting, but this is a request for Jarmonik. Can the vessel self shadow code be used in this case, so that the ring's shadow can be seen on Saturn too?
  9. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    The sunlight crossing through buildings, that is a side effect of the lens flare post processing filter. I recommend not using that processing filter. Instead, use the LightGlow filter, which gives a pseudo-HDR effect, or no filter at all. The other issue with shadows, it is still there...
  10. Abloheet

    OHM Ascension Island 2016

    Face, the zip file you uploaded didn't have the mesh files of WIA, I took them from my old for orbiter 2010
  11. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    The default 2016 Venus_cloud.tex should be same as the Orbiter 2010 Venus_cloud.tex, as fas as I remember.. The stock Orbiter 2010 Venus_cloud.tex could be lower resolution, level 6 .tex, and the addon link you posted is one of best Venus textures for Orbiter 2010. I guess 4th rock replicated...
  12. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    This seems to be the problem with a Venus terrain addon for orbiter 2016. The clouds supplied with the addon are known to be buggy. The terrain and textures work fine. You have to go to the Venus.cfg file in Config folder and remove the CloudFormat = 2 line under Visualisation Parameters. Then...
  13. Abloheet

    OHM Ascension Island 2016

    Thank you for your time, Face
  14. Abloheet

    OHM Ascension Island 2016

    Face, can you please share the Wideawake modified 2016 version of Ascension Island, in the current state of development?
  15. Abloheet

    General Question Runway Lights?

    I think the OP means that he is unable to see the runway lights being rendered during night time. There are no addons, or anything the user can do, that can fix this issue. Runway light rendering at night is a feature of the Orbiter Core, and is defined to the Orbiter core fro rendering by the...
  16. Abloheet

    Software Shuttle Fleet Addon Install with all the trimmings...

    Then I guess you don't know that the default dx7 client doesn't support resolutions above 2048*1536. If you try 2160p using the default graphics, then it will insta crash, like you say That's why the dx9 client was developed, to bring orbiter graphics support upto the modern age. It's still not...
  17. Abloheet

    Update Updated G42-200 Starliner

    May I also have a build of this ship linked against Orbiter Beta? It crashes in Orbiter Beta, works fine in 2016
  18. Abloheet

    Small Bug with XR Fleet vessels on Orbiter Beta R90

    True. This issue has to be posted in the XR Fleet add-ons thread. But I am not an admin, so I can't shift this thread. I have also noticed this bug. It happens when the status of the XR Vessel goes to landed (at rest), from being dynamic when the vessel status is being actively updated when in...
  19. Abloheet

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Umm, as far as I know, and have tested and used, latest version of d3d9 client for latest version of Orbiter, i.e. 2016 Beta rev90, fixed the invisible planet meshes in external graphics client bug. Not sure about d3d9 client version for Orbiter 2016 release. That one maybe doesn't have the fix...
  20. Abloheet

    Project Blender 2.63 + to Orbiter import/export addon

    @vlad32768, sorry for bothering you, but any status updates for the import export plugin you were making for blender 2.8? In your last request for an add-on which supports advanced materials of D3D9, how about this add-on? HST-EX for Orbiter 2016