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  1. Abdullah Radwan

    OHM Sound Bridge OS

    Sound Bridge OS is a sound bridge from XRSound to Orbiter Sound, allowing vessels and MFDs that use XRSound to work on Orbiter Sound. You must install XRSound default sounds to have sound files. Simply download XRSound and extract the ‘XRSound’ folder only (not the whole file) directly into the...
  2. Abdullah Radwan

    General Question Which sound client do you use for Orbiter 2016?

    I created this poll to see which sound client people use for Orbiter 2016. For me, I use XRSound with SoundBridge.
  3. Abdullah Radwan

    Update Updated G42-200 Starliner

    The G42-200 is a state-of-the-art aircraft capable of accelerating out of the atmosphere and into low earth orbit - Categorized as a spaceplane, the G42 features airliner-like handling characteristics which makes it optimal for low-cost space travel and cargo lifting based on conventional or...
  4. Abdullah Radwan

    Meshing Question Mesh becomes transparent from inside

    Hello, I found a life module 3D model for UCSO, imported it in Blender 2.79, modified it, and exported it with Vlad's tool. The problem is that the module becomes transparent when you enter it or look from below.
  5. Abdullah Radwan

    C++ Question Static calls between 2 classes in one library

    Hello, I want to make the system in the attachments. The custom cargoes inherit the custom cargo interface. The custom cargo interface will make static calls to add the cargoes to the main API. This how it's done in code: Custom Cargo Vessel: class Custom: public VESSEL4, public CustomCargo...
  6. Abdullah Radwan

    SDK Question Lighting the ground

    Hello, I want to make a lamp for UCSO, like UCGO lamp: How to do that? I am using a beacon and a spotlight, but that didn't light the ground. This is the code I am using: spotLightStruct.spotLight = static_cast<SpotLight*>(AddSpotLight({0,0.91,0}, {1,1,1}, 200, 1, 0, 5e-5, 15 * RAD, 20 *...
  7. Abdullah Radwan

    SDK Question Touchdown points for a cube

    Hello, I want to update UCSO touchdown points to Orbiter 2016, as it currently uses Orbiter 2010 touchdown points copied from UCGO. The cargo is basically a cube, whose size is 1.3M as UCGO. I've tried to use this code below, but it didn't work (the cargo sank into the ground): double...
  8. Abdullah Radwan

    SDK Question Vessel orientation

    Hello, I am developing the ground release code for UCSO. I am using this code: if (vessel->GetFlightStatus() & 1) { VESSELSTATUS2 status; memset(&status, 0, sizeof(status)); status.version = 2; vessel->GetStatusEx(&status); double longitude, latitude, radius...
  9. Abdullah Radwan

    Project UCSO development thread

    Universal Cargo System for Orbiter (UCSO) is a free, open-source cargo management system for the Orbiter space simulator. It’s designed to be an Orbiter 2016 alternative of UCGO. It provides a rich API for add-on developers to support UCSO in their creations. Download from OHM: UCSO - Universal...
  10. Abdullah Radwan

    Support Payloads and RMS

    Hello, I am trying to release HST from SSU. I've made this in default shuttle to know the grapple point, then I moved RMS into the same position and clicked Ctrl + Enter multiple times and nothing happens. Excuse me as I am not a 'NASA Geek' and couldn't find any tutorials for releasing...
  11. Abdullah Radwan

    Request Low Thrust Trajectory Planner

    Hello, I want a tool to plan my low thrust transfers. I've heard about LTTP, however, the link isn't valid anymore. Can someone upload it or give a similar tool?
  12. Abdullah Radwan

    Request Camera MFD

    Hello, I am looking for a camera MFD to complete my mission control setup. CameraMFD and CameraViewMFD don't work with D3D9. Docking Camera MFD always shows No Graphics Client and it needs a docking port which isn't exactly I want. Something like CameraMFD updated for D3D9 would be great.
  13. Abdullah Radwan

    Problem Can't attach PPE module to Falcon Heavy

    Hello, I am trying to attach PPE module from SLS on Falcon Heavy. But it doesn't work, no matter if I attached it in the scenario file or from the launch control window. The scenario loads with PPE not attached, and the launch control window shows NULL after pressing the attach button. Here...
  14. Abdullah Radwan

    New Release Orbiter Addons Manager

    Hi all, Today (Well, it should be yesterday) I am announcing Orbiter Addons Manager, a tool to organize your Orbiter add-ons. This was developed as a practical example to learn C++ and it's my first C++ application. Features: Uninstall your add-ons with just one click, no more headache...
  15. Abdullah Radwan

    IMFD Target a vessel in DRO around Moon

    Hello, I am trying to assemble LOP in a DRO around the Moon. I sent PPE in a stable DRO around the Moon. Now I want to send the HAB module to it. I am following this video: The problem now I have to reference the Moon in Map program, but when I set it I can't target PPE. I can target it only...
  16. Abdullah Radwan

    Bug Some switches doesn't work

    Hello, I've compiled the latest SSU version for Orbiter 2016. Now I am learning how to fly it. I've got a problem: Some switches refuses to switch. I can't move them to any position. This problem happens to some switches, not all of them. Here is a video shows the problem in commander flight...
  17. Abdullah Radwan

    Problem Crash during time acceleration

    Hello, When I do a time acceleration midway between Neptune and Earth, Orbiter crashes. I did a time acceleration on the departure flight (From Earth to Neptune), but in arrival flight it causes Orbiter to crash. Specs: i5-7300HQ GTX 1050 Ti Mobile 8GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM Add-ons: Deepstar...