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    Flytandem tutorial is not available

    It seems Flytandem's TransX tutorial is no longer available. So here's a link to wayback machine:
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    Question How to enable OrbiterSound ATC chatter

    A Japanese player asked me a question about OrbiterSound ATC chatter: I’ve read OrbiterSound documentation and tried custom vessel configuration file. But I couldn’t make it work. Or… should I recommend him use mp3 playlist instead?
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    Calculation of Mean anomaly

    I'm trying to calculate Mean anomaly which appears in my textbook but I can't get correct answer. semi major axis a = 26552.305 km eccentricity e = 0.747411 mean anomaly at epoch M_0 = 24.70° inclination i = 63.96° longitude of ascending node Ω = 33.79° argument of periapsis ω = 243.99° t – t_0...
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    Derivation of launch azimuth equation

    There are several different approaches to derive this formula. I'm going to show you one example using basic spherical trigonometry because I believe it is the easiest method. (and I need someone to check if I'm doing it right) Yellow is target orbit. Red is equator. Blue is meridian passing...
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    General Question Understanding TransX Escape plan

    I've been writing orbiter tutorial for Japanese players for a few years. Now I'm thinking about giving more detailed explanation for TransX Escape plan. The problem is, there are not so many orbiter players in Japan... no one would correct me even if I made a mistake. Here is my explanation for...
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    General Question Uploading Orbiter 2010 hi-res surface textures

    Is it allowed to upload hi-res planet and moon textures for Orbiter 2010? Seemingly is no longer available. All these hi-res textures sum up to roughly 2GB. I guess it is possible to upload some of them to free file hosting service such as...
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    General Question Adding contents to Orbiter Help (orbiter.chm)

    Hi, I'm writing blog tutorials for Japanese orbinauts. It's been my new hobby for over a year. Now I'm thinking about adding some new pages(written in Japanese) to orbiter help(orbiter.chm). Because I think it would be easier to look up especially if you don't have a wide monitor. First of...
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    Problem Canadarm2v3.1 with D3D9Client

    I'm using Canadarm2v3.1 with thorton's ISS v3.2. However, it seems Canadarm2 doesn't work well with D3D9Client(D3D9Client R15). I made a video to explain this problem. First part of the video was recorded without D3D9Client. I'm using linear translation mode. No rotation was added to the...
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    Question looking for mod author of ""

    I found this mod( in my orbiter installation today. It seems I've been using this mod with ISS v3.2 for detailed launch pad. However, I don't remember when or where I'd found it. It doesn't contain readme or manual. I searched Orbit Hangar but could not find it. Can anyone...
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    Tutorial How to launch space shuttle in ISS v3.2

    At the moment, space shuttle autopilot is not working properly for ISS v3.2 scenarios. This is because launch azimuth and launch time are not correct for rendezvous. In this example, I'm going to use STS-120(Discovery) scenario. Open scenario file with text editor(such as notepad). Change...
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    Problem Canadarm2 SSU Scenarios

    I have downloaded latest SSU, ISS A to Z and Canadarm2 addon. SSRMS scenarios are included in SSU. However, SSRMS is not attached to anywhere in these scenarios. In the end, I managed to fix this. I have changed ATTACHED 0:0,Harmony to ATTACHED 1:0,Harmony and it works fine now. Is there a...
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    TransX problem with “Orbits to Icept” value

    I'm learning multiple slingshots using TransX with Flytandem Tutorial. And this is my plan: Mercury-Venus flyby(twice)-Earth The problem is that when I delete Eject plan of the stage 2, “Orbits to Icept” values of all stages will be reset to zero. Is this a TransX bug? Or did I miss...
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    Flight Question Align planes using TransX or IMFD

    I have done a Moon to Europa flight with IMFD and TransX. This is what I did: 1. Moon to Jupiter transfer using IMFD. 2. Mid course correction using TransX. Target altitude is 500Mm (lower than Europa). 3. Orbit insertion burn. 4. Off-plane transfer to reach Europa using IMFD. Is it possible...
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    Hello from Japan

    Hello everyone!:tiphat: I started playing Orbiter a few years ago. I like playing any kind of space games including Homeworld, FreeSpace and Orbiter. I decided to join this forum as Japanese Orbiter community is seemingly dead. And I couldn't find anyone who is playing Orbiter in Japan...