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  1. Thymo

    Announcement: NASSP moving to Libera.Chat

    Over the past week a lot of things happened resulting in the staff members of freenode resigning their positions and moving to create a new IRC network. In light of those events we have decided to move our IRC presence to Libera.Chat. For anyone interested in the details leading up to this...
  2. Thymo

    IRC connection info

    A lot of development discussion takes place on IRC. Server: Port: 6665-6667 (SSL: 6697, 7000, 7070) Channel: #nassp Webchat if you don't wish to install a client: Connecting:
  3. Thymo


    Hey everyone! :hello: My name is Thymo, I'm a developer on the Project Apollo - NASSP and VirtualAGC projects. Since we're moving to here I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm currently an IT student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. A couple of my interests are Linux...