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    Apollo 12 vAGC software version

    Hi, I want to get started on Apollo 12 and beyond, and I want to begin by creating checklists for the MFD for easy reference. Are Apollos 12, 13, and 14 running the correct software or have they been replaced by ones from the earlier/later missions? (I believe 15-17 are running accurate...
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    MFD recommendation

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is any MFD that's similar to the one seen in the mission control center here to track the progress of the xlunar coast. The bottom part of the screen is very similar to Orbiter's Map MFD, but is there an MFD that simulates the top portion of the big screen...
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    Help with RTCC MFD

    Hi, I'm currently on the moon with Apollo 15 and I want to know how do I compute the CSM plane change maneuver at 165h GET? I'm not used to the new RTCC MFD interface and I can't find an answer on the MFD manual. Thanks in advance!
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    Apollo 11 launch commentary

    I've redone the launch commentary for Apollo 11 from T-6 minutes all the way down to the 'tower cleared' call. The original commentary had some calls missing here and there, and the T-10 countdown was from Apollo 13, which was a real show-stopper. Also included is a scenario on build 1534 at...
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    Deviating from MCC uplinked LOI-1 burn

    I'm currently flying Apollo 10 with MCC enabled and following Checklist MFD. I've noticed that my time of arrival at the moon (and all subsequent events) is approximately 20 minutes late. I've flown the mission until the initial LM activation steps at ~81h MET, and I'm starting to get annoyed...
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    Apollo 7 P27 update

    Around 121.5h GET, there is a P27 update in the flight plan. It's a P27 state vector update sent up from MCC via voice. What is the purpose of this P27? Am I supposed to enter it into CMC manually or is it just for reference for the upcoming sequence of P22s?
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    Apollo 15 PDI scenario

    Hi guys, I want to share my Apollo 15 PDI scenario so you guys can have some fun landing somewhere else other than tranquility. Scenario starts 1:30min before PDI. Remember to put master arm to ON and engine arm to DES, the rest of PDI should be pretty familiar for those who've flown Apollo 11...
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    LM-telecom: bind() failed 10048

    I'm getting a LM-telecom: bind() failed 10048 error message. I remember this used to happen if you didn't start Orbiter from scratch and just re-ran a scenario immediately after quitting. Now, no matter what I do, there is no way to get rid of the error. I started from a fresh run of Apollo 10...
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    Mission pause MFD

    Hi guys. Up until recently, I was using a MFD called "Mission pause MFD" by Gunner_CAF over at the old MSC forums. What it does is to automatically perform a time acceleration at a rate of your choosing to a user specified GET, and pause the sim. I've found this MFD extremely useful since...
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    Problem Apollo 10 DAP issues

    Starting from LOI-1, CMC controlled SPS burns try to apply too much dV. On LOI-1, Noun 81 and dVT tallies with the PADs but Noun 42 shows a negative Hp. During the burn, Noun 40 R1 shows a burn time of almost 9min, compared to about 5.5min on the PAD. R2 and R3 correlates with EMS quite...
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    General Question Launching DGIV to orbit as payload

    Hey guys, I apologise in advance if this has already been answered before, but is it possible to add the DGIV as a payload for a launch vehicle? For example if I wanted to launch the DGIV into LEO with a falcon heavy. If it is possible, how do I add the DGIV as a payload? Regards.
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    Deorbit targeting

    Hi, I've recently started getting into SSU, real great work you guys have done :thumbup: By reading through the forum, I found that you could use MECOtool from SSUv2 to get your OMS-1 and OMS-2 burn parameters to get into orbit. However, there isn't any explanation about how to get deorbit...
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    Problem AMSO TLI mostly off plane burn?

    Hey guys, I've recently gotten back into the Apollo missions, completed Apollo 8 on NASSP without any hiccups, but when I try the same mission on AMSO, both LTMFD and IMFD are giving me a TLI solution of 4000-11000 dV, mostly directed off plane.(with LTMFD usually on the low side) And it's not...
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    Problem IMFD with AMSO - Timer Start MJD won't change.

    Hello, I've recently wanted to fly the AMSO Apollo missions with IMFD, however... I can't change the timer start MJD on the config page. It accepts a MJD value, then defaults back to the original MJD after 1-2 seconds. (Which is T- 5min 30sec) It worked a few months before, I've already tried...
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    Problem Luna 9/10, Molniya addon for R-7 crash

    Hi, I have a problem for igel's Luna 9, 10 and Molniya scenarios, I get a error message saying somthing about a (GetAutopilot @[email protected]@QAEHXZ could not be located in r7_second_stage.dll) error. This only happens on the launch scenarios for both Luna and Molniya, and Luna works if I use...