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    CSM HGA reacq mode

    Now after spending some time in lunar orbit doing essentially nothing except watching the systems (aka flying a nine hour rest period) I think I found a flaw in the reacquire mode of the CSM high gain antenna: looks like it doesn't switch back to wide beam once the signal is lost. When I switch...
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    No GSE glycol cooling on the pad

    Seems like the recent changes in the GSE glycol cooling broke something. I don't have any cooling on the pad now, radiator and evap outlet temps go offscale high after the pump is switched on and remain high. Or do I have to change something in the .scn?
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    Waste water production/ tank size

    I'm currently flying Apollo 11 and came along an odd thing: either our FCs produce too much water or our waste water tank is too small. According to air/ground transscripts, they made a waste water dump to 0% at 56:56:00, the last one before lunar orbit. The next was done at 84:00:00, about 27...