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  1. kuddel

    What music are you listening to?

    It possibly limits the volume to ten...since all these amps go up to eleven nowadays ;)
  2. kuddel

    News UK BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

    ...could be better (as always 😜), but the bandwidth strongly depends on where you look. In big cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and such the offerings for broadband are pretty good. Going to the country side and smaller villages, it might be very expensive to get higher bandwidth connection.
  3. kuddel

    News R.I.P. Sir Clive Sinclair

    My first micro was from Sir Clive. ZX-81. Did build an external keyboard + case for it later on. Which had at least the same price as the computer ;) It was incredible to get a micro-computer affordable those days! Thanks again Sir Clive!
  4. kuddel

    Bug Multistage 2015 Vessel not being able to get into Orbit.

    Hmm, I can not imagine how the graphics client would change the guidance. I noted that the inclination is a bit different between your two launches. Could be, that during the D3D9Client the (Orbiter) core had more time to "add" wind effects - affecting the launch profile more? Just a guess.
  5. kuddel

    Launch News SpaceX: Inspiration4 mission.

    Usually people twitter tweet once they've got a nice meal (independent of any sickness).... Not doing so when reaching orbit is strange, I'll have to admit.
  6. kuddel

    Launch News SpaceX: Inspiration4 mission.

    Space sickness being my 1st guess, NETFLIX exclusive being my 2nd.
  7. kuddel

    Internet Video Thread letting the boosters glide back to the ground, they don't have to spare fuel/oxidizer for any re-entry burn or landing burn(s) - they can burn 'till depletion (more or less). You need a landing strip, though. And if the cross-range for the glide-phase is big enough to return to...
  8. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Looks something like this:
  9. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    @DDasng1352 : Strange...Did you have to confirm a UAC-dialog when you created that folder? In that case your user account is very limited. Maybe your boss doesn't like you to play Orbiter on the companies assets ;) Seriously, if you had to confirm the UAC-dialog while creating C:\Orbiter folder...
  10. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Yes, it does! When I went to buy my latest notebook I took a USB-drive with me just to check at the store how well Orbiter runs on that (y) Note: USB 3.0 or better is recommended :D
  11. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    One should imagine Orbiter being a "portable app"....maybe this cuts some knots.
  12. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    Yes, as dbeachy1 said: Easiest way is C:\Orbiter, or D:\Orbiter or C:\Games\Orbiter. There are some folders in the Windows ecosystem that are 'kind of protected (for a good reason). As program files (installations) usually should not be modifiable by user-level tasks, those folders are...
  13. kuddel

    New Release D3D9Client Development

    @DDasng1352 : I would then recommend to add the "write" right to the User account at that folder: Right-click on the folder (C:/Program Files/Orbiter or what its name is); select the "Security" Tab; then click the "Edit..." button and confirm the windows UAC prompt; select the User account...
  14. kuddel

    Problem [Animation/maths] "Aiming" at an arc

    Shouldn't it just be: For each step, calculate the vector from pivot1 to end of vector "r"? Length and direction of that vector should fall out of that, right? A function describing this however is something I am not too good at ;)
  15. kuddel

    SDK Question API compatibility strategy?

    const-correctness has two main purposes: 1. inform the user of a method that a call does not change the state of the object (nice to have) 2. let the compiler do more tricks in optimizing the callers code (very nice to have ;) )
  16. kuddel

    Software fps view

    That still doesn't answer the OP question ;) So here's my try: You can customize what is shown "on screen top" by hovering your mouse at the top center of the screen until the menu comes up. Then right-click on any part of that menu and a dialog pops up where you can customize the...
  17. kuddel

    SDK Question API compatibility strategy?

    I think when martin was talking about const-correctness, he means the method declaration to be const (signalling that a call to that method will not change the inner state of an object) like: class Foo { // ... int getValue() const; void setValue(int value); // ... }; I am all...
  18. kuddel

    OHM Soyuz v1.0 deleting the ShuttlePB:ShuttlePB block from the scenario should also work?
  19. kuddel

    Spacecraft Soyuz 7K for Orbiter 2016

    Any plugin that needs the symbolic link in "/Modules/Server/", maybe? Creating that link can be easily done in the "D3D9Client Advanced Setup" with the "Create symbolic links" Button at the bottom.
  20. kuddel


    I know... I just wanted to get information, so that I can add that to the documentation of D3D9Client. Documentation updates for D3D9Client is something I do (or at least try to do when I know what to write ;) - hence the "to be done"s in D3D9Clients documentation)