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  1. worir1

    Scenario Over Crowded Vessel Selection Menu

    I have a scenario where i have have built a space station using space station building blocks 4.0 by Gregburch. I have used quite a few blocks and now my vessel selection menu is crowded and i have found it difficult to find specific vessels. Is there any way to group the space station into a...
  2. worir1

    Hardware USB Xbox Controller

    Hi i recently got a USB Xbox 360 controller for my PC. I was wondering am i able to use it with orbiter 2010? I have heard lots of people use joysticks. How do i set it up?
  3. worir1

    How do moons get into orbit?

    I was wondering how did the moon get into orbit. Some places when i have read say that our moon came from debris left over from a collision between earth and another planet. I done under stand how it is possible for the moon to be in orbit. Would it not have been flung out on either an escape...
  4. worir1

    Question birthday present.

    Hi My birthday is coming up on the 24 th of May. I will be 15. I really dont know what i should get for my birthday... Im into space and pc gaming. Any recommendations?
  5. worir1

    Flight Question RCS holes in re entry

    Hi I was wondering about the rcs holes during re entry. Why do the holes not act like a hull brake? What do real life craft do to prevent over heating in rcs?
  6. worir1

    Hardware Right click problem

    Hi I have a problem in games where the mouse is used the controle the camera. When i right click the camera moves a lot mostly towards the ground. This happens when i drag right click and when i right click. An example of a game in which this happens is starwars battlfront 2 (yes i am a sad...
  7. worir1

    General Question XR2 Damage systems

    Hi I was just wondering if it is actualy possible for the rcs thrusts on the XR vessels to be damaged. They have never been damaged for me so why is there damage detection for them?
  8. worir1

    Hardware Android external MFD

    Hi I have a galaxy s2 phone and was wondering if it is possible to link it up my pc and use it as an external MFD. I have a USB cable to attach it to my pc. Is it possible?
  9. worir1

    Horizon Aerospace

    Hi I am creating my own orbiter space industry. I am going to make paints for various craft like the DGIV and the XR series. Let me know what you think
  10. worir1

    Vessel UMMU+UCGO Venus landing craft

    Hi i was wondering if any one knows a good vessel to land on Venus. I have an arrow in orbit. All i need is a landing craft that is UMMU and UCGO compatible and be able to land on Venus and take of again into orbit. From past experience i have discovered that the XR2 and DGIV can't take off...
  11. worir1

    snow from space

    Hi It has snowed heavily where i live and i got a couple of day of school :thumbup: I was wondering what does snow look like from space. Say from the ISS could you see snow in siberia? In orbiter the only snow i can see is on the poles. Is that accurate?
  12. worir1

    Problem moving when landed

    Hi I have had a problem where in all vessels with wheels, when i land and stop the velocity indicator on the HUD keeps changing between 0.00 to 0.01. If i use time warp then my vesseljmaps up in the air. I have tried landing again but it has not worked. Can any one help. Its a big problem with...
  13. worir1

    Problem Arrow Gmax

    Hi. I have a problem that when ever i load a scenario with the arrow it gets destroyed. I am using the new Arrow by dansteph. I started the simulation paused and in the VC it said i had gone over the Gmax. I was cruising from earth to Neptune and i had no G force what so ever. This problem only...
  14. worir1

    Idea 3d clouds

    Does any one know if there is any addon that has 3d clouds. By 3D i meen it is something that you can move through that has depth. I find atmospheric flight event-less. It would be good to have clouds to fly through. :tiphat:
  15. worir1

    General Question average fps

    Hi i was just wondering what is the average fps when running orbiter in full screen mode. I get around 75fps when using d3d9 client. Is that good?
  16. worir1

    General Question faster time acceleration

    I just made a trip to Saturn for the first time and it was fun. However i was sat there for 40 mins on full time warp and d3d9 doesn't support multi tasking i couldn't do any thing. Is there a way to do faster time warp than 10,000x?
  17. worir1

    General Question Orbiter on a big screen

    Hi. I was wondering if i could link my computer to my tv. Its 42inch LED HD tv. I thought it would cool to play it on a big screen. I have D3D9 client. Also would i be able to use a surround sound system? Would orbiter be bad quality on a big screen? Thanks
  18. worir1

    Tutorial XR2 tutorials

    Hi i made a few tutorials for beginners using the XR2. XR2 into orbit XR2 to moon XR2 re entry and landing Please let me know what you think of them.
  19. worir1

    General Question runways around the world

    Hi i just tried landing at the baikonour cosmodrome when i realised there's no runway there. i have found that this is the case for many bases. Is there a way to create runways at all the bases on earth?
  20. worir1

    Flight Question Earth the jupiter

    Hi i just completed my first ever flight to jupiter.(big achivement for me) when i made my travel i used transfer mfd. I had to excape earths orbit first then align planes with the sun as refrence. I used up alot of fuel and LOX doing this (did it in the xr2). I was wondering is there a way to...