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    Flight Question Re-entry

    Wow. Just wow. Someone kindly sent me a private message explaining that there has been a mix up in the past over the PDF location. *I DID NOT UNDERSTAND THIS* If I would have received that message sooner, my post would have been completely different. The <expletive> guy was genuinely trying to...
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    Flight Question Re-entry

    I am *not* going to be a jerk nor will I engage in any flamer-war type behavior with anyone on these forums. perhaps I did take the comment wrong, maybe I didnt. For possibly taking it wrong, I am sorry. Its all to easy when you communicate with someone via typing messages to misunderstand...
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    Building my own telescope project.

    Just a little update. Inb4 Necro. Dobsonian is the way to fly it looks like. There are various how-to's on the net and it looks fairly simple. Looks like I need to just put in the time. I need something to hold me over until I can save up for that Snazzy Takahashi. :) The one I have been...
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    Flight Question Re-entry

    You did not need to respond to me in such a condescending tone. If it truly is that bothersome then just dont reply good sir. I realize I may not be the sharpest crayon in the box, but I maintain politeness at all times while on these forums. I am well aware of the "hidden" pdf. Since I was...
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    Flight Question Re-entry

    I am going to quote a step from the from the tutorial. I THINK this is what is giving me such a rough time as well... I kinda just... err... ignored it. "13) once your orbit on the orbit MFD hits the atmosphere, the entry angle on the central display will rapidly count upwards, stop as close as...
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    Flight Question Re-entry

    I spoke to soon in my last thread. Someone please take a wooden ruler and smack the back of my neck as hard as you can. Ok, I used a tutorial in my last thread and I believe it was Grover who kindly created it. I used it 3 + times on a DG-IV to develop a basic set of steps in my head for...
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    Science Higgs Boson found?

    I know I will never be able to have an understanding of physics like I want too. Being that I may not be smart enough to handle the subject like most, it doesnt stop me from spending countless hours reading and trying to learn about it. Higgs-boson has been such a tease. Seems like a certain...
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    Science The Scale of the universe This.
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    Boeing 787 Brands the sky on it's longest test flight to date

    Are you <expletive> Kidding me? Oh how lulzy!
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    Ok an update. I have made 3 successful re-entries. So far all of them have dropped me right at KSC to where I just had to roll around and drop my gear and land. I think with a little more practice I could do it dead-stick. My last attempt I made an error of not turning my hydraulics back on...
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    Challenge Shuttle-A Ascent

    I cannot wait until I develop enough skill to actually be able to participate in these challenges. I really think it will be alot of fun.
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    Hey jeffers, When I first realized orbiter was out there I dont think my finger clicked my mouse quick enough nor did my internet connection download the core files for orbiter quick enough. It was a late night on youtube and I was watching some flight sim vids. Well, orbiter came along in the...
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    Thanks Tommy! Tonight has been the BEST so far. Everything just went really, really smooth. The ISS just floated up to me very gracefully and my numbers now reflect my improvement. I am now officially moving on to the re-entry. I do have some final questions relating to this ISS scenario that I...
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    OHM Gemini Missions 1.0

    Words cannot describe how awesome this is! YOU ROCK. :thumbup:
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    General Question (Real) Space shuttle reentry autopilot?

    I Caught that and laughed as well. Also, the document made for a great read. I actually learned from it so that is a bonus. Its one thing to watch a rocket go up on tv or in person. Its the behind the scenes that the magic happens. Its really awesome to see for myself how the math applies perfectly.
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    @ADSWNJ Thanks for the figures on the scram engines. This actually might help solve my issue with using them for what they were intended. I have basically been taking off with mains at 100% get just a bit of altitude and knock back to 60% and then turning myself to the proper heading then...
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    I did it! I did it! I did it like I knew what I was doing! SCORE!!!! haha! If you read my stats you might get a general idea of what I did wrong. 1) I did not wait for the ISS properly on the ground. This led to making a ton of ultra low orbits to catch up since it was almost on the other side...
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    Wow! Thank you all! This is a perfect example of the beauty of these forums and the people who empower them. Its really cool how through my adventures whether its building my first telescope, rocket, or this simulation how helpful and wanting-to-help the "space" communities have been. I hope...
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    Question 2001 OR 2010 space odyssey

    I lost the copy I had that worked flawlessly with orbiter 2010 p1. I have downloaded 2 different ones and both of them are utter failures in that they do not function with orbiter 2010. The last space odyssey I had worked great and was different then the 2 I have just downloaded in error. The...
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    Flight Question General Questions about orbiter (flight)

    Ok, A week or so ago I posted how excited I was that I was finally able to make it to the ISS. I had this lingering thought that it was just pure luck. So last-night I thought why not try it again using the DG-IV. My first successful attempt was with the most excellent Ravenstar. Well, It was a...