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    Launch News Rocket Lab Recovers Electron Booster
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    Launch News SpaceX DM-2 Launch Scheduled for May 27!

    Woo hoo! Official from Jim Bridenstein: Jim Bridenstine on Twitter: "BREAKING: On May 27, @NASA will once again launch American astronauts on American rockets from American soil! With our @SpaceX partners, @Astro_Doug and @AstroBehnken will launch to the @Space_Station on the #CrewDragon...
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    News Voyager 2 is Alive!

    Voyager 2 is back! Woo hoo! :woohoo:
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    News SpaceX Starship Mk. 1 Bulkhead Failure

    Looks like the top bulkhead on the LOX tank failed during pressurization. Were they attempting a launch today? EDIT: I wonder if they did their tank scaling right. For same flight pressure P, the applied load per unit length of weld or fastener line increases proportionally with the rocket...
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    Launch News SpaceX Starlink 2 Mission 4th reuse of a F9 stage, first reuse of fairings. Looks like one of the 60 Starlinks has an issue and may not be able to raise orbit, TBD. Yawn.
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    Internet Any Way to Find Youtube Videos Related to My Subscriptions?

    I was wondering if anyone knew a trick to get Youtube to suggest videos related to the channels that I am subscribed to? I'm into This Old Tony, Clickspring, Abom79, Geoffrey Crocker, Bad Obsession Motorsport, as well as the space nerd stuff like Scott Manley, etc.. and I am trying to find...
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon Heavy Arabsat-6A

    Surprised that there wasn't a post for this. SpaceX launched their Falcon Heavy with all Block 5 cores today for the Arabsat 6A mission. They recovered both boosters on the LZs and the core on the ASDS. Yawn. /s
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    News Keith Flint of Prodigy Dead of Suicide Aged 49

    Keith Flint, lead singer of Prodigy, died of apparent suicide today. :(
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 with Iridium 8

    SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 for the Iridium 8 mission from Vandenberg AFB today. 1st stage landed successfully on the drone ship Just Read The Instructions.
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 CRS-16

    Well, another mission success for SpaceX, but the 1st stage had a bad day and didn't make it back to LZ-1. Hydraulic pump stalled and the stage soft landed in the water just off shore. Hard to believe, but the last landing failure was nearly 2.5 years ago. It appears that the stage landed...
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 Block 5 SSO-A

    SpaceX did it again. SSO-A and 64 microsats made it to orbit, and they landed the first stage on the droneship, right on the target. Yawn. Oh yeah, this is this booster's *third* flight. That is all.
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    News Stephen Hawking Dead at 76 Dr. Hawking's life was a miracle in so many ways.
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 launches Koreasat-5A 30 October 2017

    Another payload to orbit, another landing on a barge. Yawn. Ho hum. SpaceX Falcon 9 launches Koreasat-5A & Falcon 9 first stage landing, 30 October 2017 - YouTube Seemed to get pretty fiery sitting on the barge. Some residual flames around the engine bells is to be expected, but there was some...
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    News Carrie Fisher Dies at 60

    Carrie Fisher died today at age 60. She had 'cardiac event' on a flight last week. Her actual cause of death was drowning in moonlight, strangled by her own bra.
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    Humor Voyager Heavily Damaged in Collision
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with JCSAT-14 NET 5 May 2016

    Mission details from
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    News Blue Origin Cancels Landing Technology Patent Seems like BO's concept of landing a stage tail-first on an autonomous barge has some minor prior-art issues (SpaceX maybe? :lol:). From BO's patent application: So does BO now have to license this...
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with Dragon CRS-8 April 8 2016

    Next up for SpaceX, the return of the Dragon flying CRS-8 to the ISS. The last Dragon was on the ill-fated CRS-7 flight last June where the second stage overpressurized due to breakage of a helium tank strut just prior to staging. Cargo for CRS-8 will include a Bigelow inflatable habitat to be...
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    Launch News SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.2 with SES-9 March 4 2016

    Rescheduled for Friday March 4, 1835 EST - 2005 EST (2335 - 0105 UTC ). Luxembourg-based SES, a communications satellite operator, is the client for this launch. SES-9 orbit and communications coverage can be found here: SpaceX is pushing SES-9 to GTO, so flyback of...