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    General Question MFD Styles

    I have a pretty basic question, I've seen screen shots from different developers using single/multiple MFD's like the one linked below. are these craft specific? I've mainly used craft without 2D panels so maybe this is...
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    Question WANTED: 2D panel tutorial

    Ive been working my way through the Addon tutorials, I'm assuming although many are for older versions of orbiter I'm assuming ( breath held) that they still comply and work on O2010P1. I'm working towards a dedicated orbiter simpit, I already have most of my hardware, now Im focused on...
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    Scenario Gemini & Missile Row v2 Addon

    Ive just started playing around with scenerio files. I've used the Hi-res KSC and Missile Row v2 addons and they look awesome (well done guys!) however when I used the scenerio creator to move the Gemini vehicle to other pads I noticed its height was all wrong in relation to the pads. I've...
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    General Question NASSP & SKYLAB

    I want to setup a NASSP/SKYLAB but having trouble with some of the addons failing, anyone got a successful list of NASSP/Apollo addons for Orbiter 2010-P1. My 2006-P1 versions work sweet Cheers in advance :thumbup:
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    Software Siatek Switch Panels

    Just purchase a Ch Multi-function panel and i have some siatek screens/switch panels. also in my arsenal is a PCB kit to create 8 switches. My goal is simple to make an external panel for orbiter, basics first, ignition, staging etc. anyone know of how I go about it or if anyone has acheived...
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    Software VR920 Installation

    I've been using a VR920 headset for a few years now primarily for FSX, is there anyway I can use it with orbiter 2010-p1. I searched the forums and only found references to Track-it. found a nice link to a You-tube taken off the lunar surface, i'd like to install my VR920 to achieve the same...