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  1. acesax23

    Communications in Orbiter-Forum

    I wish to have a communication system here in O-F. well , that wish was granted. The "Orbiter IRC chat" but . Isn't nicer if we have a Voice Conferencing with other Orbinaut? what do you think? say "I". if you disagree, say "ne" :lol: For more information..
  2. acesax23

    Request XPDR transmitter of the DGIV MTKSSAT.

    We all know that there's XPDR transmitter of the DGIV MTKSSAT. however , it's in German !! soo , may i request for an English one? :rolleyes:
  3. acesax23

    Orbiter 2011?

    is there any possibility of improvements in the future Orbiter 2011?? what would it be? Sombrero Galaxy :tiphat:
  4. acesax23

    yooww !!

    yooooo , my name is acesax (real name) .. Im a Filipino with Spanish blood , well , i really love ORBITER 2010 because it taught me many things. And ill be astronaut soon (i wish) . i wish i can have friends here in the community so that discoveries will be share together. LOL . :cheers...