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    Move D3D9 terrain flattening to Orbiter core

    This feature is incredibly useful, but I would think it would be better managed in the core; especially as moving to x64 breaks the landing detection. This would also allow addons that rely on this feature to work with any graphics plugin.
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    Rocketdyne H-1 found in a junkyard in Missouri
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    Humor The Fallen King of Mars

    So I was reading some old posts in the Brighton Lounge and I came across this thread. When I went to the site mentioned in the post, I found this absolutely hilarious article...
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    Request Universal Computers and Flight Systems for Orbiter

    First off, let me give a HUGE thank you to all addon developers for donating so much time to create the amazing addons we have. Now my idea.Would it be possible to make some system code (for simulating APU, hydraulics, electrical system, oxygen ect..) plus a flight computer to control it all...
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    General Question Choosing a Compiler

    I would like to learn coding for Orbiter and I would like don't know what compiler to use. I am using my mom's computer, so it would have to be able to install to a flash drive. Is there any compiler (that works with Orbiter) that would do that. I would like it to be completely self-contained...