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  1. Krishnan

    Project Lunar SpacePort Base

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. I have been working on a lunar spaceport base, since I thought Brighton Beach was a bit too small. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work well in 2016, since it was made using 2010. Please do let me know how I can improve this base and make it look...
  2. Krishnan

    Humor My flight computer is flooded with tons of outdated and useless MFDs

    Some of them I don't even know how to use, some of them I don't even know what they do. I have a mod called "Tether MFD" that allows tethering of spacecraft, which is pretty cool and still works in 2016, even though it was meant for 2005. There is also random Guidance MFDs also. Clock MFD is...
  3. Krishnan

    Vessel Michael Jackson's Spaceship

    So in Michael Jackson's tour "HIStory", he made this great entrance in his spaceship, which looks a bit like the Default PB shuttle in Orbiter. I was wondering if anyone could make a basic vessel similar to the PB, but using the model of Michael Jackson's spaceship. There is a black canopy...
  4. Krishnan

    Question Changing font of the HUD and MFDs

    Hi Everyone. I noticed that in @dgatsoulis 's videos, he had a custom font for the hud and mfds. Is there a way to set it like that? Here is the video for reference. Thanks, Krishnan
  5. Krishnan

    Question How did you get into Orbiter Sim?

    Hello Everyone! How did you discover and start playing Orbiter Space Flight Simulator? My story goes like this. I was watching a youtube video where the Youtuber Swiss001 builds his own aircraft and tries flying them. Instead of doing my work, I procrastinated and decided to give the game a...
  6. Krishnan

    Vessel Basic ISS mod with updated model.

    Hello Everyone. I am just wondering if there is some kind of mod that adds an updated ISS with the current modules. I tried the Donamy and Thorton ISS mod, but it runs really slowly on my computer, even with low-res mode. Is there some kind of "all one craft" ISS mod instead of pieces, like in...
  7. Krishnan

    Support How to properly install Wideawake International? Where to download?

    Hey y'all! So Wideawake International's runways are bent if I enable terrain, and the entire spaceport sits on the water when I am using D3D9. Someone said that I should get a mod called Ascension 2016 L18 that should fix the terrain, will that help? Also, I am kinda confused because...
  8. Krishnan

    Question Ground Service Vehicles (ReFuel Truck, Airstairs, Tow Truck)

    Hey y'all. I was just wondering if there is an addon that adds ground service vehicles. I just thought it would be an extra layer of fun and realism. I remember seeing ground service vehicles in OH, I can't find them however. Also, on an youtube channel here
  9. Krishnan

    Flight Question Need help doing a Direct Reentry from the Moon

    Hey y'all! So I have been learning IMFD, as you all know, and today I tried getting back from the moon for the first time! I am all aligned up with Wideawake and ready to reenter, but I either do some kind of flat-spin into the earth, or bounce off and escape the solar system, as if time warp is...
  10. Krishnan

    Question Rendezvous MFD Help

    Hey y'all. I would like some help to use Rendezvous MFD. I tried reading the txt file that comes with it, and tried the scenario, but I am still having trouble using the MFD. I am in a XR2 45 degrees behind Mir in a 200km by 200km Orbit. After catching up with Mir and doing a hohmann transfer...
  11. Krishnan

    Vessel Wolfenstein: The New Order's Lunar Shuttle

    Hey y'all. So in Wolfenstein: The New Order, the player gets to take a ride to the Nazi Lunar Base via a so-called "Lunar Shuttle". It can go directly from surface of the Earth into LEO, perform the TLI and LOI burns, and land, without the need of stages or anything. There is a cargo version and...
  12. Krishnan

    OrbSound Orbitersound and XRSound.. How to use both?

    Hey y'all. I really like XRSound, but I decided to install Orbitersound 5.0. They are both really good, and I like to use some features of each. Is there a way to use both of them? I would like to fly XR vessels with it also, soo. I tried installing Soundbridge but it didn't play OS effects nor...
  13. Krishnan

    Humor Doom MFD

    Is it possible to run Doom on a XR5 Vanguard Navigation Flight Computer as a separate MFD Program? Could be useful on journeys to the moon, but I don't want the company people to find out about it.
  14. Krishnan

    IMFD IMFD- What is EIn?

    Hey y'all. So as you may know already, I have been trying to get my feet wet with IMFD, so I have been trying to do a moon trip with it. I decided to read the IMFD manual by Mark Lieberbaum, however, I saw lots of mentions of EIn, but I didn't quite understand what it is. Dimitri from David...
  15. Krishnan

    Flight Question Landing on the Pad at Brighton Beach

    Hey y'all! So whenever I try to land at Brighton Beach on one of the Pads, I find it difficult to land on the actual pad. I usually panic and land on the soil next to the pad, then I have to taxi over onto the pad. I am especially getting this problem with the XR5. Is there some MFD /tips that...
  16. Krishnan

    Question Auto FCS Mod.... Can't find it anywhere on Google nor OHM

    Hey y'all! I have been seeing posts of an automatic reentry mod of some sorts called Auto FCS. I tried searching on Google and OHM yet I can't find it anywhere.... Does anyone know what is the mod and where I can find it? I am interested in doing a fully automated reentry and landing with the...
  17. Krishnan

    General Question XR5 Vanguard but it's a passenger spaceliner: Editing the Model File?

    Hey y'all. I love flying the XR5 Vanguard because of how it feels like I am flying a futuristic spaceliner. Is there a way to remove the cargo bay itself and extend the passenger windows further down the fueselage? I don't want to modify any of the systems or anything, so it would just be a...
  18. Krishnan

    IMFD IMFD Map isn't displaying Plan/Maneuvre Properly

    Hey y'all. I wanted do do a Lunar Transfer using IMFD, but my Map isn't displaying the plan from the delta velocity program correctly. I am sharing the MFDs correctly, too. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  19. Krishnan

    Question Getting started with the DGIV

    Hello Everyone! I flew the XR series vessels, I loved them, and I decided that I should try the DG IV. I was really intrigued by the airliner-esque systems and computers that comes with it, unlike the XR vessels, but I have no idea how to get started. Tutorials will be very useful and...
  20. Krishnan

    Flight Question XR5 Vanguard sending Cargo to Brighton Beach, How to find how much Extra Fuel Tanks needed?

    Hello everyone! I recently started flying the XR5 Vanguard, I LOVE IT!!. Yesterday, I flew it without any cargo to Brighton Beach, and landed with 4 percent fuel remaining. I would like to send some cargo to brighton beach, and I put some cargo containers in, payload weighing about 150 tons...