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  1. Lisias

    Hypersonics – from Shock Waves to Scramjets

    An interesting course about hypersonic flight I found by accident. From engines to aerodynamics. Course's homepage here. Youtube videos here.
  2. Lisias

    Linux + ZFS

    Preamble I can't find a more convenient and relevant place to save this article than here, on the other hand given the results of the last Forum thread I was involved about the issue, I'm reluctant to do it openly in a way that would trigger another flame-fest. So this post will be blocked from...
  3. Lisias

    Idea VIRTUS and Air Breathing Engines for Space Shuttle and Buran

    Hi, guys. I was searching for the reason NASA chooses a 747 over the C5 (found it here) when I found this. I already knew that Buran was envisioned to have turbo-jets attached for a safe returning home after a ill reentry or if mission demands. Such engines should not only survive, but also...
  4. Lisias

    Project Orbiter::Tools::Mesh::Lint

    (put on Project, as it is becoming a new baby itself) Hi. Due some issues while hacking and animating meshes, I ended up writing a Mesh Lint tool in order to easily detect some common mistakes that happens while development that impairs performance. Features: Tools for handling meshes...
  5. Lisias

    Discussion Using Blender on Development

    EDIT: New revision. See end of the post for the new features. So, I'm using blender for my (not so advanced) mesh development needs. Being a fan of Truespace Caligari on the golden days, I'm not exactly satisfied with it, but the thing works on my UNIX derivative box, so enough complainings...
  6. Lisias

    API Question Animating a VC MFD with buttons

    Hi. I'm stuck with this problem. I have a vessel like this: The red strip is the MFD screen, and the pink strip is the PWR/SEL/MNU buttons, and are defined in a separated mesh. They are visible only on Virtual Cockipit. The "cockpit" animates using MGROUP_ROTATE, CreateAnimation and...
  7. Lisias

    About Relativity and Moving Bodies' Gravity Waves

    That's the problem: finally some fellow orbiters got through my thick skull what a Gravity Wave is, and how it propagates on the space-time tissue. And then I came to this: Imagine two bodies, perhaps Quasars. QA and QB. They're not moving in their frame of reference (the distance between them...
  8. Lisias

    Meshing Question Getting MESH group by Label

    Hi. Is there any already implemented means to address a Group on the Mesh by LABEL, and not by index? So, in exchange on using this: SURFHANDLE suface = oapiGetTextureHandle (vcmesh_tpl, 16); I want to use something as: SURFHANDLE suface = customapiGetTextureHandle (vcmesh_tpl...
  9. Lisias

    Question Creative Commons Licensed Sounds?

    Hi. Can anyone recommend me a Sound Site with Creative Commons or Free Sound Samples? I'm planning to add more sounds to a vessel I'm updating, but I'm not satisfied with the sounds already installed on my Orbiter because one or more of the reasons below: 1) I could not contact the author for...
  10. Lisias

    Question Wingarea calculation

    Hi. How I calculate the wingarea from a Delta Wing (huge) vessel? I have the wing span and vessel length, and with these measures (and the mesh) I can infer the other measures. But I don't know how to use the data to get the wing area. Any hint, link or equation will be appreciated. Thx!
  11. Lisias

    Project Tug eXperimental Reloaded

    Greetings, Orbiters. This is a RFC (Request For Comments) :-) about an ongoing effort to revitalize the TX vessel from Kulch (and the VC version from vchamp). Back in the middle of the first 2k's decade (not sure when, but I used the 2006 not P1 version), I got in contact with Martin...
  12. Lisias

    Bug OrbiterSound 4 Misteriouslt Crashes to Desktop on External View

    Hi. For some reason I not yet detected, OrbiterSound 4 is going CTD *every* time I use the External View. While in the cockpit, everything goes fine. Initially I was thinking that the problem was some new MP3 on the Sound/mp3 directory, but the bug hunting revealed that MP3 was not the...
  13. Lisias

    Error DGIV Crashes on WinXP SP3 on Athon XP

    I currently facing some serious problems with DGIV that I haven't faced before on my times running Orbiter 2006: I just can't run any DGIV missions. I have installed VC2010 Studio on this machine, so perhaps I can be of some use trying to pinpoint the problem. Orbiter 2010 P1 doesn't have the...