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  1. Victor_D

    News WSJ: Europe Ends Independent Pursuit of Manned Space Travel

    Good. As much as I'd like an independent European manned spaceflight capability, there is currently no reason to waste billions of Euros on developing another uncreative tin can capsule to be launched on a super-expensive rocket that will become obsolete years before it makes it first flight...
  2. Victor_D

    General Question How do I turn this off? (image included)

    I know it is probably a very stupid question, but I don't know where else to ask. I need to get rid of that white line with some sort of info that's displayed in the bottom left corner: I don't know if or how I turned it on, but it has been driving me crazy.
  3. Victor_D

    Problem A problem with textures

    I guess people have already asked about this, but I didn't find a satisfactory answer, so: I installed Orbiter2010 P1 and then added the Lvl 10 texture I downloaded from the official site ( You can see the result in the picture above. I gather the...