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  1. 1987VCRProductions

    Project Old-Atlas-Series 2016 Launch Vehicle and Spacecraft Overhaul

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Balloon Tank. Hey everybody, some of you probably already know, but over the past month I've been working on completely overhauling the Old-Atlas-Series add on for Orbiter 2016. This includes rotating and rescaling meshes, and painstakingly...
  2. 1987VCRProductions

    Request Updated Atlas mesh for classic Atlas Centaur missions.

    Hi, I think it would be cool if someone could make an updated Atlas mesh for use on missions with a Centaur upper stage, as I'm not a fan of the meshes used in the Old Atlas Series. So far I've been using the Atlas meshes from the most recent Project Mercury add on for use on Atlas Agena...
  3. 1987VCRProductions

    Search Mariner-4

    Does anyone know what happened to the add-on for the Mariner-4 Mars flyby mission? I believe that it was uploaded by Felipi1205 but it’s no longer available on Orbit Hangar. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. 1987VCRProductions

    Software D3D9 Glitchy Skys

    I'm having an issue which has only just recently popped up, and it only seems to happen with Orbiter 2010 P1 running with the D3D9 Client (R16.5 Build). Basically, Earth's atmosphere occasionally has this pixelated film that gradually disappears as you leave the atmosphere, going away completely...
  5. 1987VCRProductions

    Project Multistage2015 Saturn Rockets for Orbiter 2016

    Good day or night (good time maybe?) everyone! Figured I'd make a separate thread for further development of the MS2015 Saturns for O2016. This version will be a very bare bones release, but something none-the-less that can be built upon in the next decade as new add-ons are created to replace...
  6. 1987VCRProductions

    Idea Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) and the Getaway Special (GAS) Bridge

    I think it would be a good idea if someone could model the EDO and the GAS Bridge for placement in the rear of the payload bay of Shuttle Fleet 4.8. You could also create separate attachment points or config files for use with Space Shuttle Ultra.
  7. 1987VCRProductions

    So I've finally completed a complete mission with the stock Space Shuttle Atlantis

    I finally did a complete flight with the stock Orbiter 2010 Atlantis from launch to landing completely manually. The launch was the easy part for me. Having sat through hundreds of automated Shuttle Fleet launches, and having the ascent trajectory and flight events permanently etched into my...
  8. 1987VCRProductions

    Problem STS Payloads: Can't Separate Satellite from PAM

    I've been enjoying David413's Expansion Pack for Gazza's STS Payloads recently and I've run into an issue that I want to address. How do I separate the satellite from the PAM stage? I spin up the satellite/PAM combination and launch it at the proper time from the payload bay. I preform the burn...
  9. 1987VCRProductions

    Question 100% Space Shuttle Built and Tended Space Station

    I was wondering if anyone has ever released an addon where you can build a space station piece by piece using the American Space Shuttle. Segments that can be fit inside the payload bay and can be grappled with the Canada Arm and have APAS 89/95 docking ports, sort of like what was planned with...
  10. 1987VCRProductions

    Project Multistage 2015 Apollo Saturn Launchers for AAPO

    Hey, I'm currently working on making Multistage 2015 Saturn rockets for use with AAPO. I've already made a functioning Saturn IB and a Saturn V. Development is still ongoing and I might post it to Orbit Hangar if enough people are interested. ---------- Post added at 10:09 PM ----------...
  11. 1987VCRProductions

    Problem Skylab1980 Can't Grapple Logistics Module and Atmospheric Pallet

    This is a problem that I noticed years ago when I first flew the Skylab1980 missions by usonian. When I try to grapple either the Logistics Module or the Atmospheric Pallet using the shuttle Canadarm, it won't let me. I line up the two grapple point arrows but it won't give me the option to...
  12. 1987VCRProductions

    Request Soyuz 7K-TM (7K-T Derivative)

    I was wondering if someone could make the Soyuz 7K-TM, a derivative of the Soyuz 7K-T which had solar panels and an APAS-75 docking mechanism for use on the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project. I'm a big fan of 4th Rock's Soyuz 7K Series and would like to add this little used derivative to my collection.
  13. 1987VCRProductions

    Project AMSO Apollo 12 Soundpack

    Hey, I know I'm working on the 14 soundpack, but I really want to do Apollo 12. I decided that I would do it on a prompt from odysseus72. The H missions are my forte, and I love Apollo 12.
  14. 1987VCRProductions

    Idea 60's Moon Probes (Ranger, Lunar Orbiter, and Surveyor)

    I think it would be a fun idea to have up to date addons for the spacecraft the United States shot at the Moon before the Apollo Program. I know addons exist for Ranger and Surveyor but they're quite old. They could have some sort of smart .dll autopilot that could launch the Atlas boosters...
  15. 1987VCRProductions

    Problem Shuttle Fleet v4.5 and Stock Hubble Space Telescope

    I wanted to launch Orbiter 2010's stock Hubble Space Telescope with Shuttle Fleet v4.5 (that's the latest version I've got) so I set up the scenario and this happened: Is there any way to fix this or am I stuck on the launch pad?
  16. 1987VCRProductions

    Project Apollo 14 AMSO Soundpack Version 2

    I know I've already done it but I want to give my original Apollo 14 Soundpack a complete overhaul. I've already begun to download the original audio tapes and I plan on starting work today.
  17. 1987VCRProductions

    General Question AMSO Lunar EVA Oxygen Supply

    I was researching the different missions and I noticed that some of the missions in AMSO actually don't give you the amount of oxygen required if one is to do an EVA by the checklist. The missions that have this problem are Apollos 12 and 14. In AMSO's Apollo 12, the oxygen supply is 3 hours...
  18. 1987VCRProductions

    Idea Original Saturn V Paint Scheme

    In 1966 a dummy Saturn V rocket was built in order to test the facilities at the newly constructed Launch Complex 39. It was called SA-500F and it had a different paint scheme than what was eventually used. I thought that it would be a neat idea for someone to try and create some textures that...
  19. 1987VCRProductions

    Project Apollo 17 Soundpack

    :tiphat:I'm currently in the process of creating a soundpack for Apollo 17 on AMSO. I know a landing soundpack was made but I wanted to do the whole thing. So far I've completed the landing from pitchover to landing. I've been sort of delayed due to the fact that the audio files are large and...