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  1. JonnyBGoode

    Centripetal force as gravity.

    So I have what I suppose is a physics question. Suppose you have a rotating space station: A wheel such as the one in 2001, or a Stanford Torus, or a drum like Babylon 5 or The Expanse's Behemoth/Medina Station. You spin it, and you get simulated gravity; I get that part. But it's not "real"...
  2. JonnyBGoode

    News Getting high on 'shrooms...

    Maybe we won't have to use layers of lead shielding to get into deep space or live on Mars. Maybe all we'll need is... fungus? Chernobyl fungus could shield astronauts from cosmic radiation - Big Think Apparently they've discovered a fungus at Chernobyl that feeds off of radiation. They've...
  3. JonnyBGoode

    Request NASA Discovery Mission Psyche

    If anyone needs a mod project... NASA's Discovery Mission Psyche would be fun! Scheduled to launch in 2022 from a SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket.
  4. JonnyBGoode

    News It looks like the Gateway deep space outpost may be a go.

    NASA and ESA finalize agreement to build Gateway deep space outpost "NASA and ESA have formally entered into a partnership agreement for building NASA's Artemis Gateway deep space outpost. The agreement signed on Tuesday is part of the US effort to attract international partners for the lunar...
  5. JonnyBGoode

    Direct transfers

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this question; feel free to move it if it should go elsewhere... Back in Orbiter 2010, there was a very lovely and ambitious project called To The Moon in 24 Hours, which proposed nuclear powered rockets that would fly directly toward the moon and...
  6. JonnyBGoode

    Update Frustrating progress

    I'm having frustratingly slow progress finishing the Palmdale add-on I started a few years back. Partly because I'm severely attention deficit and keep getting distracted by EVERYTHING, and partly because all of these tools I used to know how to use, I'm having to relearn (for like the fourth...
  7. JonnyBGoode

    News "Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything" Excerpt:
  8. JonnyBGoode

    Vessel Chrysler SSTO concept

    If anyone wants to have a go at something unique, I found this interesting video today...
  9. JonnyBGoode

    Discussion It's not like riding a bicycle!

    Getting back into modding, and suddenly discovering I CAN'T REMEMBER HOW TO USE ANY OF THESE TOOLS!
  10. JonnyBGoode

    Better resolution over cities?

    This question has probably been asked before, and this is probably also in the wrong place (mods, please feel free to move it). But are there plans for improving the surface detail, especially around major world cities? (I'm using the high resolution texture pack.) I decided to take off from...
  11. JonnyBGoode

    Question Rounding the Horn

    I was watching some of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series, where they often would run system status checks before making an FTL Jump. And on more the occasion they called it "rounding the horn." I know the concept of launch status checks was a nod to the launch status checks from the...
  12. JonnyBGoode

    Vessel Fictional USAF tailsitter

    I found this photo on Facebook. No idea of the source. Anyone want to try to model it? Looks like it would be fun! It looks like a standard tailsitter, but it also looks like it has oxygen intakes above the... wings? So maybe it is also atmospheric? No cockpit or windows, so it's either a...
  13. JonnyBGoode


    A film for both spaceflight and ham fans to enjoy.
  14. JonnyBGoode

    Launch News Loss of Rocket Lab "Electron" rocket Rocket Lab launched an Electron rocket from New Zealand yesterday, carrying seven satellites. However a failure of the second stage resulted in a loss of the craft.
  15. JonnyBGoode

    Project Site 10 and BJ's Corner

    Before my wife passed away, I was working on an addition to the Edwards AFB and USAF Plant 42 add-on, which would add Plant 42's Site 10, with the big Lockheed Skunkworks hangar, as well as the locally famous BJ's Corner observation site. I would say it was about 90% finished with it, but I...
  16. JonnyBGoode

    I'm back again (again)!

    Hey gang! :hello: When last I posted here, it was nearly three years ago. Sadly, my wife passed away in September of 2017, and I think I went into a depressive funk since then. Anyone still here that I know? Has much changed around here? I see there's a new sound module. Anything else that's...
  17. JonnyBGoode

    News Just showing off... ;)

    I managed to get on the front cover of an actual magazine (no, this isn't a photoshop)!
  18. JonnyBGoode

    Problem Problems with exporting textures in Anim8or.

    I'm working on an addon, an addition to Martin's Antelope Valley pack. Martin forgot to add the iconic Lockheed Site 10 building! Here's a reference image to start with: So. I'm building the mesh in Anim8or, with Urwumpe's msh export plugin. And it's just about done. With one minor...
  19. JonnyBGoode

    Meet Earth's other moon

    Well, not technically a moon, but still locked in an orbit that circles the Earth.
  20. JonnyBGoode

    Project New addon: F.O.D.

    I decided to get back into 3D modeling, maybe revisit the old Spaceballs Winnie... and I've forgotten everything I learned before. So I'm starting at the beginning again. I decided to work on a new addon; easiest way to learn is by doing. This is an extremely simple one I call "F.O.D." You...