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    Flight Question A bit more advanced planning

    Hi All, I feel I'm ready to start a (slightly) bit more challenging flights using my favorite XR fleet. To make the 'feeling' more realistic, I'd like to use the NASA Trajectory Browser to choose a base plan. I really like the EEJ (Earth - Earth - Jupiter) plan (see here) with Earth Departure...
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    Flight Question Turn upright from inverted reentry

    Hi all... Recently, I've been practicing the inverted reentry using XR-5 and I love it. Now I'm able to slow down without burning up when returning from Moon and Mars. What I still can't do properly is turning back upright once I've slowed down enough and I'm not able to keep the Alt. What I...
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    General Question Orbiter planning vs. Trajectory Browser

    Hi All, A newbie calls for help.... I've already seen many tutorial videos (including the marvelous series from Blixel, Dimitris, etc...) and was able to reproduce almost everything using XR-2 and XR-5. Now, I'd like to start creating my own goals/missions using the knowledge I have. Ok...