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  1. joeybigO

    Insert bad word here:

    After much ado about Mac I finally got a windoze based computer. It has Vista, and i'm mostly happy with it. I still run Orbiter off my Mac, but I want to see what it looks like on the new comp. The hardest part is adding hardware manually, which is very difficult, some stuff that I don't...
  2. joeybigO

    Did Apollo 15 need a plane change?

    I was doing a bit of math, however jacked up my math was. After I figured where they launched and then the heading, then the inclination to intercept. Then I found my math was about 10 degrees off. Does anyone know if Apollo 15 did a plane correction?
  3. joeybigO

    Election Results

    Just a new thread for the election results.
  4. joeybigO

    its time to play, hurricane preparedness drills.

    Are you ready Texas? Ike seems to be a bit SW of Houston, however some 5 day cones are putting right on top of the bay. How nice.... Once again, get out the old dusty Hurricane kit, and see what beans and franks looks like after 3 years in the cellar.
  5. joeybigO

    What music are you listening to?

    Currently in my playlists are: Proyecto 1 U2 Alejandro Sanz Powerman 5000 Just wondering what people listen to.
  6. joeybigO

    Inclination to an approaching planet, or moon

    Okay, i've done all the research and i'm stumped. Is there a way to predict the inclination to an approaching planet, I seemed to have skipped school the day this was discussed. Not for the inclination of the planet, but for the final inclination when approaching the planet. Many thanks in...
  7. joeybigO

    3D imaging

    If you were to take a picture, say a perpendicular, and measure the light refraction, like maybe the moon. Could you project it using mirrors on a small platform? More importantly how could you project it to be on a small platform? Light from the bottom reflected, but I am ignorant when it...
  8. joeybigO

    Does anyone know a good song introduction?

    Looking for a good song intro. Sort of like "where the streets have no name" intro or something of those sorts. Any and all suggestions will be researched. Thanks in advance