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  1. Cras

    Advanced Question Target Offset

    I want to aim for a spot x meters behind or below an object in space. How would you guys recommend doing such a thing? Currently I use a procedure that involves IMFD and Precession MFD, but I fear it is not at all practical when aiming for large offsets. So I am curious at how others would...
  2. Cras

    C++ Question more dialog box issues

    I tried to just post a follow up post to this thread: but I got the message about necroposting and was unable to advance past it, the page just would not load, so I started a new thread.
  3. Cras

    MFD Attitude MFD right handed Equatorial Edition

    There was some talk earlier in another thread about the how Attitude MFD and Univ Ptg use the Orbiter method of attitude, being left handed and elliptical. This presents problems when trying to fly the Space Shuttle close to the checklists. I think there is some benefit in a MFD which provides...
  4. Cras

    Bug Shuttle Fleet floating OBSS in the RMS

    Ok, I am looking to see if anyone else who flies the Shuttle Fleet sees this, at all or at the magnitude as this. This is with the latest version of SF. Up in orbit. Deploy the RMS. Then using only the PDRS positions in the table and using the PDRS screen in GPC MFD. I roll out the arm...
  5. Cras

    Flight Question OBSS undocking position

    Does anyone know the exact RMS joint angles for the OBSS undocking position? I was looking in the generic flight manuals and found plenty of positions and joint angles for SRMS, but never the position for the OBSS undocking position. I had up to this point just "eye ball" it, but I figured why...
  6. Cras

    Advanced Question Earth -> Object orbiting Moon

    So I have an object in orbit around the Moon. Sent it up there about a month sim time ago. I now am looking to launch a manned vehicle to rendezvous with that object. I have yet to convince myself of the best way to do this. And since I have future plans of sending vehicles to the Moon and...
  7. Cras

    Question D3D11 Implementation: Realistic Re-entry effects and Lens Flare

    After a good and long chat with asmi last night, he brought up a good point on two issues that are to be implemented at some point. Plamsa re-entry effects As many of you I think are aware, the re-entry "flames" as they are implemented in orbiter are not quite in line with what is seen in real...
  8. Cras

    Question XR2+EnergyProject+D3D9=Loss of Vehicle

    I had used to use the Energy Project to get the XR-2 into orbit with great results. However, now that I have switched to D3D9, I tried the Energy again as a launch vehicle for the XR-2, and I noticed something. The Energia has a far more robost behaviour under the D3D9 client, where the thing...
  9. Cras

    UMMU UCGO cargo repacks when loading scenario

    I just went to the moon, had some UCGO boxes for a little breathable base. Had the life module, a connector, some lights, solar panels, and of course a flag. I saved the scenario, and when I loaded it up to finish my lunar mission, I find about half the cargo is repacked in its boxes. However...
  10. Cras

    Flight Question XR2 Aerobrake at Earth coming from the Moon

    Is it at all possible to aerobrake the XR2 at Earth after returning from the Moon, without having to fly the XR2 inverted? I have done the inverted direct re-entry with the XR2 to a successful landing, but it is not something I like to do. Mainly because looking at it, I don't think the...
  11. Cras

    General Question Which Earth Atmospheric model do you use?

    I am curious, which atmospheric model do you use for Earth? And can you elaborate why?
  12. Cras

    Request imperial unit MFD

    Have background in aviation, and most of what I know of space travel comes from NASA, my brain tends to think better in terms of imperial units. Could there be an MFD that displays my spacecraft's situation in terms of feet above MSL, feet per second, orbit at NM instead of Km. I see the MFDs...
  13. Cras

    General Question How do I delete the default LC-39 B at KSC?

    I have been messing around trying to put the more realistic and functional shuttle launch complexes into Orbiter 2010, both kev33's LC-39 Hi-res v9 and Damir Gulesich's LC39 v3, both seem to work well, but I just cannot get rid of that nasty looking default 39-b pad and tower. I found a few...