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  1. gattispilot

    Payloads for SSU

    Got a question. I know the bridge rails are added from the scn. But what about the Keel attachments? I may try to convert some payloads to SSU. I know the active/passive devices are not added so they are part of the payload, right.
  2. gattispilot

    C++ Question Stack cookie instrumentation code

    Every once in a while I get a CTD. When I run the debugger I get this: 'orbiter.exe' (Win32): Loaded 'D:\Orbiter2016\Modules\SPACESHUTTLE2016earlymet.dll'. Symbols loaded. Unhandled exception at 0x7B36C4CC (SPACESHUTTLE2016earlymet.dll) in orbiter.exe: Stack cookie instrumentation code detected...
  3. gattispilot

    SDK Question Animation in a sequence

    What is the best way to do a sequence of animations? For instance The James Webb Ideally when either a key is pressed or detached a sequence starts. Key pressed ->animation1 begins-> animation 1 ended so start animation2,....... or use of a timer At start timer =0; when the key pressed timer...
  4. gattispilot

    General Question Satellite STS payloads setup

    Not sure if this is the right place, So looking at Shuttle fleet payloads. So the satellites are made from 4 parts. PAM-1:STS_PAYLOADS\PAM STATUS Orbiting Earth ATTACHED 0:0,STS-5 PRPLEVEL 0:1.000 END STAR-48B1:STS_PAYLOADS\EQUIP STATUS Orbiting Earth ATTACHED 0:0,PAM-1 END...
  5. gattispilot

    Question reflective surfaces

    How do I get true reflective surfaces? Looking in the cargo bay it looks like I am seeing the inside of the bay. But when I launch you can see the ground rather than the inside of the bay. It is almost like it is 90 degrees? out. So the reflection are on the z axis? in the scn. this is...
  6. gattispilot

    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    Here are the zip files for the STS2016. I have a goggle drive set up so updates/changes can be made. Thanks to all. There were fact checkers, mesh checkers, scenarios testers and checkers. People who helped with the code,.... A lot of this was reverse engineering of SF(Shuttle Fleet). We...
  7. gattispilot

    C++ Question Compiling SSRMS version issue

    So trying to re compile the SSRMS code for another rms. I know it worked before. But I got a newer version of VS. I get this error: Severity Code Description Project Path File Line Suppression State Error LNK2038 mismatch detected for '_MSC_VER': value '1800'...
  8. gattispilot

    Question difference in normal graphics and D3d9

    So why do somethings work great in normal graphics but run it in d3d9. They don't work? for instance in regular graphics the lander from the Endurance space system has a rotating chair. but in d3d9 the chair doesn't animate. Same code. if (chairrot == 1) { VECTOR3 weight_v...
  9. gattispilot

    SDK Question robotic arm tip issue

    I have a arm tip defined here: arm_tip[0] = _V(-0.003, 1.377, -0.125);//-0.5, -2.1,-.15 x=y y=z z=x arm_tip[1] = _V(-0.003, 0.377, -0.125);//-0.5, 3.1, -.15 arm_tip[2] = _V(-1.003, 1.377, -0.125);//1.5, -2.1, -.15 Then it is moved in the animation. ANIMATIONCOMPONENT_HANDLE parent...
  10. gattispilot

    Problem LNK2001 unresolved external symbol _sscanf UMMU

    Error LNK2001 unresolved external symbol _sscanf alphabuggy1 D:\orbiter100830\Orbitersdk\samples\MBATEST buggy D:\orbiter100830\Orbitersdk\samples\MBATEST buggy\UMmuSDK.lib(UMmuSDK.obj) 1 Severity Code Description Project Path File Line Suppression...
  11. gattispilot

    Problem beacon colors

    I don't understand why. In D3D9 the beacon is red. In Normal graphics it is black D3D9 normal static VECTOR3 APbeaconcol[1] = { { 255,0,0} }; for ( i = 0; i < 1; i++) { APbeacon[i].shape = BEACONSHAPE_STAR; APbeacon[i].pos = APbeaconpos+i; APbeacon[i].col =...
  12. gattispilot

    Problem Orbiter 2010 MMU and HUD missing

    This is confusing. In d3d9 I have some vessels where the HUD displays good. The MMU hud displays good. But I have another set of vessel that it doesn't. Using the same code. All these vessels were Vessel2. I update to Vessel 3 and got the hud to work. Put them into another d3d9 and no mmu...
  13. gattispilot

    C++ Question matrix 3 help

    So I am trying to use this code from the shuttle on another vessel if (SPIN1 == 1) {//spintable#1 if ((spintable == 1) || (spintable == 3) || (spintable == 4)) { SPINACC = 5 * 360 / 60; spintable_vel = spintable_vel + SPINACC * simdt; spintable_phi...
  14. gattispilot

    C++ Question Moving beacon in play

    So I want to have a beacon that I can turn on/off and then move along the Y axis with a key. For 2010 I can get the beacon to turn/off with a key. But even though the Yvalue changes the beacon doesn't move up/down #define ORBITER_MODULE #include "orbitersdk.h" #include "BEACON1.h" VISHANDLE...
  15. gattispilot

    Advanced Question VS 2019 MSB4018 The "VCMessage" task failed unexpectedly.

    So not sure if this is the correct area. So I got a new PC and needed to get VS. I got vs2019 . So I was able to recompile one solution and it worked. So I copied the whole solution and renamed it. Loaded and made the changes in the cpp and h I needed to and built it. Now I get this...
  16. gattispilot

    Problem Meshwizard runtime error 68

    So recentlymy Meshwizard will not open. I get a runtime error 68 Device not found. I ran run scans on my pc and nothing. Rebooted. reinstalled it. No cfhange
  17. gattispilot

    Discussion Upright landers in 2016

    I think there needs to be some work done for light weight landers in 2016. Not sure if it touchdown, operator related? Any thought process on how to do this?
  18. gattispilot

    General Question Decompiling a dll

    I get asked this question. Can you decompile a Dll? I usually say "No". But I was goggling to see if that was true. It seem I might be wrong. Any thoughts on this?
  19. gattispilot

    Programming Question vs 2013 issue

    So now I get this: Error 11 error LNK1257: code generation failed C:\Orbiter2016\Orbitersdk\samples\vlander\LINK VLANDER Error 10 error C1002: compiler is out of heap space in pass 2 C:\Orbiter2016\Orbitersdk\samples\vlander\LINK VLANDER Microsoft Visual Studio...
  20. gattispilot

    SDK Question Altitude in VS2

    So Is there a way to set the Altitude of a vessel? I know there is : double VESSEL::GetAltitude ( ) const Returns the altitude above the mean radius of the current surface reference body. Returns Altitude above mean radius [m] But is VS2 • double surf_lng longitude of vessel...