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  1. Chipstone306

    I am back!

    Hello all looong time no chat. I am finally back after a 4 yearish hiayta to focus on family and career . Now to catch up on ...1900 posts :(
  2. Chipstone306

    Famous Space Quotes

    I'm going to start this thread off. Lets try to keep it to actual people and not characters from movies...... The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or...
  3. Chipstone306

    Canasnack Canada's recent contribution...Oatmeal cookies

    Seriously ... I guess us in the north are dragging our heels again... Anyone need a robotic arm... anyone? You can attach it to a car!
  4. Chipstone306

    Chipstone306 is back!

    Hello all Well after taking some time off Orbiter and it's great community to work and finish courses, I am now back and better than ever! I hope to be chatting with all of you and pitching my 2 cents in discussions. Its good to see the community strong and proud Happy orbiting all!
  5. Chipstone306

    Gotta LOVE R AND R

    Hello all just poping in to say hi ! Ive been away in good ol' afghanistan for the while seeing what the taliban has had for a space program. They have mastered RPGS next stop is verticle flight! HOPE ALL IS GOOD
  6. Chipstone306

    Another viewpoint of China in space

    Here is another great article I found today...a little old but very relevant
  7. Chipstone306

    China warns of 'arms race in outer space'

    Seems to me that when it comes to this discussion on a weaponized spaceage....China is about 17 years too late
  8. Chipstone306

    Request Skunkworks

    After flying around forthe past two days in a sr-71 and a u2, can someone please design the skunkworks facility in california with a runway ? I though it would be a nice tribute to them and what they have created when it comes to advanced plane design.
  9. Chipstone306

    Space agency unveils 16 astronaut hopefuls I guess i didnt make the list :rofl:
  10. Chipstone306

    N. Korea threatens 'war' if satellite is shot down

    Id say by the end of this weekwe are going to see this test done...maybe Wensday?
  11. Chipstone306

    NEWS: New space museum opens
  12. Chipstone306

    N. Korea builds underground fuelling facility: report

    More info for all and info on the launch site...
  13. Chipstone306

    North Korean Sattelite Launch?

    We may see a launch in the next two to three days.... I wonder where they will actually be launching from. Id love to recreate the flight
  14. Chipstone306

    Canadian astronaut preps for record space mission

  15. Chipstone306

    News Moon rocket scientist Konrad Dannenberg dead at 96

    Updated Tue. Feb. 17 2009 1:40 PM ET The Associated Press HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- German rocket scientist Konrad Dannenberg, a member of the Wernher von Braun team that helped put man on the moon, has died at an Alabama rehabilitation centre. He was 96. His wife said he died yesterday of natural...
  16. Chipstone306

    Joke Headline

    From the Associated Press PENGUIN FARTS CONTRIBUTING TO OZONE HOLE Nasa recently discovered a major contributer to the ozone depletion above antartica is not in fact caused by humans, but by penguin gas emmissions. " This is a major contributing factor" says one scientist, " For years we...
  17. Chipstone306

    Burglars boost satellite

    Little thiefs.....
  18. Chipstone306

    my day

    SOOOO Girlfriend now moved in computer back up and running roomate out Cat is on a diet , deemed overweight by the vet ( what does he know!) And lunar surface looked great especially upclose during the crash
  19. Chipstone306

    my life blog

    So here it is Chipstones blog this week to do Clean house Get kitten neutered kick out roomate work file final papers for the divorce play orbiter to release my stress get painting started in the house for my girlfriend play more orbiter work now if i can just get that trans for a lunar...
  20. Chipstone306

    CHINA in space politics very very interesting implications