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    Graphite liquid rocket engines

    Since graphite in solid rocket nozzles need NO COOLING, they are VERY SIMPLE. But hot graphite burns with air and oxidiser, so liquid engines don't use it (so I gather). How do people with knowledge on rocket engines think of the following chamber wall designs: -Graphite wall lined with...
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    Solid rocket motors-some questions

    I've been firmly told to start rocketry with solids. I have some questions. 1)how do you do casing cooling? 2)how to make sure fuel burns at rate casing can withstand? 3)can rocket candy be made by mixing ground oxidiser with already molten sugar? 4)is using an empty gas cylinder as a casing a...
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    What would it take to get something into orbit for this?

    Rocket mass 1110kg Payload to LEO 1kg I'm imagining a bunch of stuff, like using aerospike-like inside out nozzle on the first stage, but with an extending nozzle section correcting for pressure, allowing the "spike" to act more like a wing, allowing efficient slow ascent through lower...
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    What do you see?

    On a supposedly clear night, I look up. I see nothing but the moon. Then I use my telescope. Still, nothing.
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    Question How do I change the reentry texture color ranges (and intensity?)?

    Hi. As I've already mentioned in a question I asked a few seconds earlier, I'm making a reentry texture mod. I'm using GIMP 2.8.8 with DDS support plugin to edit the I want to make the textures turn red, yellow, then white, then green then blue. And I would also like it if anyone...
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    Question Changing the reentry texture rendering scale globally.

    Hi. OK so I'm making an addon that replaces default reentry textures with better (IMO) ones that I'm making. And I want to scale the reentry texture to be longer so I can make the "head" shorter in the texture and simulate long ion tails. Right now, it's rather stubby and I don't really feel...
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    Flight Question XR fleet loading cargo?

    Hello. OK so I'm starting to play Orbiter again after some time. And I'm trying to figure out how I'm supposed to load cargo to the XRs. I sort of remember having a XR2\DG\whatever loaded with cargo but I can't figure out how to. I have looked in Orbiter manual, XR operations manual, and (tried...
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    Rant The great I HATE INTRUSIVE ADS AND CRAPWARE!!!! thread

    Hello all, Welcome to yet another thread, So, lets get to it. WARNING: If you are not good at hating and screaming and being totally, HUMONGOUSly angry, don't read this thread. This thread is a thread for those who- HATE :swear word: INTRUSIVE POP-UP ADS THAT TAKE UP MOST OF THE PAGE AND THE...
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    Please could anybody help with this "OMPClient"?

    Hello Welcome to this thread. :) :tiphat: I'm posting this thread because I need some help with the OMPClient module. So, here's my problem This "OMPClient" Module is really confusing. I don't know what it's for. It just seems to block all scenario controls and nothing else. Can anybody please...
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    Question How to make a small electric motor spin something??

    Hello again :tiphat: :tiphat: :tiphat: So....... This is what I came to ask :) I rather like making homemade DIY things, especially ones that move and is powered by some source like electricity. So, can anybody tell me how to make a small electric motor spin something? Like a mini-wheel or...
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    Where do I download OMP?

    I liked OMP at first sight and wanted to download it. BUT, I simply CAN'T find the download file!! I've searched SourceForge, BitBucket, OF, and even their main site!! But to no avail. So..........., can anybody please tell me where to get it? :) :hailprobe:
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    Best Orbiter moments

    Here you can post about your best Orbiter moments(Docking with ISS for the first time, beautiful landings, etc; anything that made you feel very happy:))
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    Humor Funniest Orbiter moments (with screenies, if possible) :D

    Here you can post about your FUNNIEST:rofl:things that occured while you were playing Orbiter:lol::)
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    Might as well say; hello!

    hi, im new to the forums; ive been looking at these forums w/out an account for some time and just decided to join so i could ask my own questions in my own way. but first i HAD to say hello im not that new to orbiter actually, but still i don't know 97% of all theres to learn actually:lol: i...
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    Question XR Fleet damage model?!?!?

    I always hear the XR fleet from Altea Aerospace has exellent damage models. BUT, I downloaded ALL THREE spacecraft and all I get is broken landing gear. Nothing else. Why is this? Is this the default damage model or is it just a problem w/ the files or on my side? I enabled all damage types! But...