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  1. Owenmck

    New Release Kerbol System for Orbiter (KSO)

    Download the most recent release (v0.1) - HERE - Hello! I've been developing the Kerbol System for Orbiter for a while now, and unfortunately I haven't made much progress recently. It's just that, between 3 A-levels, an EPQ, UKroc competition amidst other things, I haven't been able to work on...
  2. Owenmck

    News DAVINCI+ and VERITAS thread. New NASA missions to Venus

    Yesterday, NASA announced two new missions to Venus, the first in over 30 years. These missions are called DAVINCI+ and VERITAS. DAVINCI+ (Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases...
  3. Owenmck

    Question Custom Planet Water Micro Textures

    Hi, I'm back to creating some custom planets in Orbiter 2016, and I was wondering how I would define an area to use the water micro-texture in D3D9? I have the planet Laythe, which is mostly ocean, and currently the ocean is using the default Micro-Texture. How would I change this so that only...
  4. Owenmck

    Jet Engines, and Turbojet vs turbofan

    So this is posted in rocketry, but I figured this was the best place for it. I've been looking into jet engines recently, and I was wondering if you guys could help me clear some stuff up and get some stuff straight; TURBOJETS As I understand it, a turbojet has three main parts; Compressor...
  5. Owenmck

    Project Kerbol System

    I've started playing KSP a lot recently, and I thought that it would be cool to create the Kerbol system in orbiter. However, I'm not an expert on Orbiter's planet system, so if I need any help i'll post it here. I should be able to get the surface textures from...
  6. Owenmck

    Problem Runway Lights Not Appearing

    Hi, I'm making a base with a runway on Titan. However, no runway lights are appearing, even though they are appearing at other bases in the same install and scenario. There are no PAPI or approach lights. I am using Orbiter 2016 with D3D9. Here is the config lines for the lights...
  7. Owenmck

    Just some solar panels, nothing to see here...

    Currently in the process of mutilating Wideawake (sorry 'wehaveaproblem') to create a base of operations for myself. Decided to try some solar panels, might have put in a few too many :LOL: Also, never knew they reflected the sun?
  8. Owenmck

    Hardware JOY2KEY button maps not working in 2010 version?

    Hi, just got my first joystick and was setting up some buttons using joy2key. It all works fine on orbiter 2016, but none of the buttons work in orbiter 2010. Does anyone know how i could fix this problem? The joystick itself works fine for both versions. Thanks
  9. Owenmck

    Idea 2016 DG vc port to 2010?

    Hi all, i was wondering if it would be possible, and if so how hard it would be to port the features of the Delta glider from 2016 (the improved 2D panels and fancy virtual cockpit) back to version 2010. Thanks
  10. Owenmck

    Request DG-Carrier Remake

    There is this awesome-looking addon on OH, the DG-Carrier. However, it uses outdated aircraft.dll and doesn't work for newer versions of orbiter. Is there any chance of it getting ported to 2010/2016? :thumbup:
  11. Owenmck

    Question Spawning multiple vessels with UCGO

    I'm trying to put a standard turbopack into a UCGO unpackable cargo, so that when unpacked it spawns the turbopack. It's all working fine, but i was wondering if it was possible to make it unpack into multiple turbopacks? Does "cSpawnItemNbr" only work for items and not vessels? Ive tried...
  12. Owenmck

    Software Help with a few things

    I have a few things that I need some help with; 1. I can't get some vessel mods to work, for example the Updated G42-200 Starliner. The game loads, but the textures for the exterior and interior of the plane do not load, and I have no control of the engines. It might have something to do with...