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  1. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Hi guys, been a while

    Guess Ill get back into Orbiter during lockdown
  2. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Question Android Fizzle

    So I recently had an android device let me down big time. :( I had a Galaxy Tab 7.9 that I was using to collect data via images for a microscope lab (igneous petro), which decided to suddenly stop responding after the battery was drained (ie I plugged it into the wall to charge, but no...
  3. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    C++ Question How exactly does Orbiter... well work?

    So I have studied C++ enough that I can write my own programs, although not quite at a really advanced level just yet. One of the things that puzzles me is how Orbiter works with regards to vessel classes defined in external modules. As I understood it, polymorphism works something like this...
  4. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    An Ice Ball up close?

    So, kind of an odd question, If you were to say, land on the surface of Europa, or some moon like it (which I would imagine are rather common in the universe), what exactly is the surface like? The surfaces of most planets aren't too hard to understand for most people, since dirt and rocks are...
  5. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    News A Probe blessed discovery!!!

    Fellow brothers & sisters in the almighty Probe, I believe I have made a discovery of the founding of the Probox faith! It appears that our faith first began to spread one summer day in 2004. Naturally Urwumpe was...
  6. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Minor Request: UMMU Sprites

    Hey everybody, Im working on a project right now that might be of great enjoyment for the community, but I dont want to spill too many of the details just yet. I have a (fairly) minor request that will make the project much easier from my end. I need someone to open orbiter and make top-down...
  7. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    How to Calculate Atmospheric Drag?

    I'm currently working on reaching a 0.1 release of my first space simulator program. One of the trickier problems that Im trying to solve is the modelling of atmospheric drag on any given object (usually a rocket of some sort), but Im unsure of how exactly to do so. I did check the wikipedia...
  8. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    General Question How to implement Thrust Vectoring?

    Pretty much what the title says. How exactly can I get a thruster to vector with a users input, and change its exhaust flame to follow it (or is that done automatically?) I have found some API functions related to changing the direction of a given thruster, but Im mostly unsure about how to...
  9. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Terrestrial Planet with a Terrestrial Moon?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering recently, is it possible for a planet roughly the size of Earth to have a terrestrial moon, or even one that can hold an atmosphere? From what I understand, there are more than a few factors involved in being able to hold an atmosphere, but Titan does have one...
  10. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Project OrbitCam

    Okay, as requested by Pipcard here: The current source code: #pragma once #include "Orbitersdk.h" #include "UMmuSDK.h" #include <string> // Orbiter Cam version 1.0 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////...
  11. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Advanced Question Forcing Vessel position change

    Hello all, Currently working on this right now: My idea is roughly like this: -Camera vessel has a char * sequence that it uses to check the objects list for a match, then returns the appropriate ObjectHandle. -ObjectHandle is used to...
  12. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    General Question Developing a DLLed launch vehicle.

    Hello everyone, So I'm working on a launcher for my Andromeda Space Program project. I decided that I wanted to do a DLLed launcher for my XR2 launches, as opposed to using velcro, multistage2, etc. The current launch configuration looks like this: The core stage runs 5 LOX/LH2 engines, with...
  13. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Question Anybody here familiar with Win32?

    Hello everybody, Ive been working through forgers Win32 tutorial, mostly with lots of success. I recently hit a roadblock in getting the code to work that appears to be some sort of a configuration problem, probably due to the tutorial being written a decade ago. I posted the issue on...
  14. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Upsilon Andromedae: Strange New Worlds

    Hello out there, So you may have noticed some my current activity being focused a great deal on Upsilon Andromedae. The whole story about that can be found here But suffice to say that the project is sort of like a semi-open ended VSA...
  15. BruceJohnJennerLawso


    Hey Orbinauts, So over the last couple of weeks I started work on a framework for command line programs, as I was becoming heartily sick of reinventing the wheel every time I wrote a program with a menu structure. I also was finding several general-purpose functions useful quite often, so I...
  16. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Request Earth Textures for past continental layouts

    Hello everyone, I was just watching this video And it occured to me that it would be kind of cool if there was an add-on that allowed users to see Earth as it appeared at different times in Geologic history. Anyone interested? I would love to see Pangaea from orbit :thumbup:
  17. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    General Question MFD Development -- what is a resource file?

    Hello everyone, I've been considering MFD development recently, as I would like to be able to create a few tools for various things in Orbiter. I now feel that I have a fairly strong grasp of the C++ language, but I know very little about the specifics in creating an MFD. I have the CustomMFD...
  18. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    SRBs offset Center of Thrust from center of gravity?

    Hello everyone, Doing some thinking lately. I would like to try building a space-plane launch stack using only solid boosters. Naturally this would have to be somewhat asymmetrical, due to the demands of properly placing a spaceplanes CG onto the stack. My original idea was somewhat like this...
  19. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Checklist 1.0

    Hello Everyone, Im proud to release the first working version of Checklist, a command line program that allows you to create and execute Checklists from a text file; pretty much what it sounds like :lol: Ive attached an example of a checklist file, based on the ground startup sequence for...
  20. BruceJohnJennerLawso

    Sci-Fi Worldbuilding: Upsilon Andromedae Space Program

    Hello out there, So I finally got around to starting a thread on one of my current project-type thingies. To explain this a bit better, I'll need to give you some back story on my use of Orbiter so far. I discovered Orbiter back in 2012, and started playing a sort of personal VSA with it soon...