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  1. Codz

    News Space Launch System RS-25 Static Fire Test

    Looks like there’s going to be another SLS RS-25 test at Stennis Space Center momentarily. Here’s a link to their live Facebook broadcast: ---------- Post added at 09:02 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:36 PM ---------- Another nominal test in the books...
  2. Codz

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone, longtime user here but it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here consistently. Just wanted to drop in and say hello! Things have been going well with me and I’ll be starting as an REPP engineering (aerospace or mech) student at Georgia State University soon!
  3. Codz

    News ULA and Bigelow Announce Partnership

    ULA and Bigelow Aerospace announced a partnership to hasten the commercialization of LEO, and eventually the Moon. The current specifics of the partnership include ULA providing an Atlas V 552 to launch Bigelow's next generation of expandable habs, the B330's in the 2019-20 timeframe...
  4. Codz

    2015 Women's World Cup

    So, Canada vs China just started. Anyone else watching?
  5. Codz

    Gaming Fallout 4 Announced

    In the same vein as Ye Olde Skyrim thread, here's an area to discuss any news related to Bethesda's upcoming entry into the Fallout franchise.
  6. Codz

    News Villarrica Strombolian Eruption in Chile

    No major news organizations covering this yet. Massive eruption happened this evening after some minor activity since February. Here's hoping evacuations go as smoothly as possible. EDIT:Actually a Strombolian eruption.
  7. Codz

    2014 FIBA World Cup of Basketball

    So, the FIBA World Cup begins soon this month. As a huge basketball fan, I'm rather excited about it starting up. Anyone else planning on following it?
  8. Codz

    NFL 2014-15 Season Open Thread

    In the spirit of the open sports threads for other major sports, here's one for people to discuss anything and everything related to the upcoming NFL season. ---------- Post added 08-09-14 at 12:22 AM ---------- Previous post was 08-08-14 at 05:48 PM ---------- Just started watching HBO's Hard...
  9. Codz

    News Air Algérie Flight Goes Missing

    An Air Algérie MD-83 with 116 on board seems to have gone missing over Mali. Hopefully this isn't another total loss of aircraft.
  10. Codz

    Gaming Bohemia Interactive Take On Mars

    (Credit to Evil_Onyx for this discovery)So, Evil_Onyx posted the teaser trailer for this in another thread, but this looks like it deserves a dedicated topic. Bohemia Interactive(ARMA, Take On Helicopters, etc.)will apparently be making a simulator about running unmanned Mars missions. It...
  11. Codz

    Discussion Apollo 17 40th Anniversary

    On the 11th of December, it will be the 40th anniversary of the final Apollo Lunar mission's landing, and by extension, the final manned Lunar mission as of now. I've got to say, I'm a little ashamed to have forgotten about it until now though...:facepalm:
  12. Codz

    Gaming Xenonauts

    So, I mentioned this in the RCT, but figured it deserves its own thread. Xenonauts is a remake of the original X-COM by a small indie company founded by a fan for the purpose of developing this game. The game itself is set during an alternate history Cold War in 1979 during an alien invasion...
  13. Codz

    Kennedy Space Center Full Tour of Visitor Center and VAB

    I know I've made a few blog entries about the trip, but this is the main reason for it all. A tour of KSC VC and the VAB! Endeavour is in the VAB for likely the last time in her natural environment and ready for up close viewing in her finished state as she waits for the SCA to carry her to...
  14. Codz

    KSC Trip Part 4 and Some Disappointment

    So, the launch was a bust. We sat out near a causeway in the pouring rain waiting. There was an interesting "glowing" dolphin that came up to less than two meters in front of the group though, while we were there. Eh, I guess I'll try to catch the coverage on NASA TV when they reschedule it...
  15. Codz

    KSC Trip Part 3

    I guess no trip to KSC would be complete without an on site launch scrub eh? We drove out at 2:30AM, and saw it lit up beautifully on the LC-41 pad, but some range issue forced a scrub. The weather was perfect too...
  16. Codz

    KSC Trip Part 2

    So, we just got back from the bay just across from KSC! Our group visited the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo memorials there, and got some great views of the VAB and several EELV launch pads plus the SpaceX launch pad. The LC-39 pads were also visible on the far side. We spotted the RBSP Atlas V...
  17. Codz

    KSC trip and an Atlas V Launch(hopefully)

    So, I'm here in Titusville, FL for the RBSP Atlas V 401 launch, and a full tour of KSC. Extremely excited to see all this space history and a possible launch, I'll try to update with pictures later.:) On a related note, the plane trip here from Atlanta, I got randomly asigned to Airtran's...
  18. Codz

    Gaming Cataclysm Roguelike

    I recently found an interesting and complex zombie roguelike called Cataclysm. It has a huge completely randomly generated world, crafting, foraging, hunting, and more in a zombie apocalypse setting. As per usual in roguelikes, you get one life per character and you will often die hilariously...
  19. Codz

    Neil Armstrong Recovers from Surgery

    Wow, I didn't know he needed it. It's certainly good that it went well though.
  20. Codz

    Best and Worst Experience Flying on a Commercial Flight?

    What was the best and/or worst experience you've had on a commercial airline flight? It can be any flight, international or domestic. My best was probably a flight from Tucson to Atlanta. It was a nice and new Delta Airlines B737-8 and the whole flight was rather nice. One of the worst was...