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  1. Evil_Onyx

    Laser-etched metal 'bounces' water

    Laser-etched metal 'bounces' water -BBC Multifunctional surfaces produced by femtosecond laser pulses - Journal of Applied Physics I can think of some really useful applications for a processes like the one specify.
  2. Evil_Onyx

    News 130 vehicles crash on bridge

    Sheppey crossing crash: Dozens hurt as 130 vehicles crash This could quite easily been so much worse. I brings to my mind a discussion I had with some colleagues some years ago. Has the general quality of driving gone down in the last decade or two? Changes in technology has saved lives...
  3. Evil_Onyx

    America's Cup Sailor dies in accident

    Andrew Simpson: Tributes for Olympic sailor killed in accident I've been following The America's Cup build up, and this is a really sad indecent. The risk to body and life is something common within sailing, especially offshore racing. My thoughts go to his friends and family, and the other...
  4. Evil_Onyx

    Software BIOS update failure

    Today I checked my motherboard bios and found that it was one from 2007, so I checked for updates and found one from 2011. So I used ASUS Update to flash my bios, once it got to verify the bios it failed then proceeded to crash the PC. Then when rebooting, it did not show anything, just a...
  5. Evil_Onyx

    News Plan to revive 1970s UK satellite "Prospero"