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  1. RacerX

    XR2 imported into DCS

    Oh the blasphemy I tell dare I put the XR2 in DCS and test it I dont know should i go for the shiny look or a dull tile look on the top? 🤔
  2. RacerX

    Galaxy4D sim

    Found a pretty cool sim in the works that has collision detection,multiplayer,Newtonian physics, that you can build ships fly them and walk around inside of them (IVA) you can find more info here:
  3. RacerX

    Problem Can not install TortoiseSVN

    I had an older version of TortoiseSVN on my computer and have removed it via registry and uninstall programs. Best I can tell it is nowhere on HDD and is not running as a service anywhere. After a reboot and confirmation that it is nowhere in registry (win7 64) I have tried to install latest...
  4. RacerX

    A movie called "Thrive"

    A 2 hour long movie with great graphics and good quality. They are talking about "Free energy". They cover everything from Nikola Tesla, a "Torus" as it has been depicted throughout human history, aliens and all that. But really what they are talking about is governments suppressing people...
  5. RacerX

    Question Attachments and docking

    I have a object that is attached with a docking port defined. The problem is you can dock to the port and verified by the "congratulations you docked" verbal message and also in scenario editor. But the docking port will not maintain a "hard lock". Is there a work around for this? (Velcro is not...
  6. RacerX

    Biggest black hole ever found

    Biggest black hole ever discovered. article is here another here
  7. RacerX

    Question Base in center of mesh

    I am using blender with the orbiter import/export script. Also have Mesh Wizard and Orbiter base maker. I have made a mesh (planet) and I am trying to put a base on the surface. But no matter where or what I try the base is always inside the mesh and not on the surface. The base.cfg file has...
  8. RacerX

    Lego Shuttle Expedition Build

    Well after giving in to temptation me and my son on a cold day spent about 3-4 hours (1,230 pieces) putting together the Lego Shuttle Expedition set here are some pictures: Completed Build Cockpit with Astronauts Payload bay with satellite and robotic arm Retractable landing gear...
  9. RacerX

    Lego shuttle Expedition set 10231

    I wonder if I should open this box or leave it sealed for collectors purposes. Front side of the box with a guitar to show the scale of the Box for comparison backside of the box
  10. RacerX

    My Last time to see Endeavour video

    Well I guess this is it. The last time I will see Endeavour airborne. So me and my son went to Ellington Field to say goodbye to Endeavour. Shuttle Endeavour on back of SCA take off from Ellington Field 9/20/12 - YouTube
  11. RacerX

    Question What would it take to motivate Mankind!

    I have a question. I don't want to start a poll, but I am very curious on your guys thoughts about mankind's motivation to get off this planet and explore the universe. My question is this. If rare minerals such as gold,silver,diamonds, precious gems such as emeralds and ruby's etc...were found...
  12. RacerX

    Request Google earth Plugin for tracking

    I would like to request a addon like this one Google Earth Tracker 2 v1.2 The above addon works great. The issue I have with the current addon is that you have to close Orbiter in order for the .kml file to load and parse in google earth. The original maker of addon has not been active since...
  13. RacerX

    Internet This little guy can sing!

    My wife sent me this link that she saw on facebook. You have to hear this little guy sing. Just amazing!
  14. RacerX

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody. Happy new year!