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    Scenario Mars Approach - Phobos Flyby

    Here is a Mars approach scenario, intended for aerocapture, that contains an intentionally planned flyby of Phobos on approach. Have fun! Ps... The Phobos flyby velocity is so fast, it's recommended to reduce sim time to 0.1x as it gets close.
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    View Acceleration

    Ok, here it is! Did I put this in the right place?
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    View Acceleration

    Thanks Enjo, at least I'm not the only one! It seems a simple calculation to make: accel = (vessel thrust) / (current vessel mass) I wonder if Martin would consider either changing it back (does anyone actually use the displayed force for anything???) Do you know if anyone has tried as a...
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    View Acceleration

    I thought of that, but that's only giving me radial and tangential components, right? It total acceleration is unavailable anywhere, then how are folks doing precise braking maneuvers these days? "Back in the day" one of the methods we used involved monitoring the "distance remaining" and...
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    View Acceleration

    Hi all, I've been with Orbiter since 2001-2005 and am getting back into the hobby. The new 2016 version is nothing short of amazing compared to the earlier versions. In earlier versions of Orbiter, the vessel's current acceleration was displayed in the upper left of the HUD along with the...
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    News Resource for asteroid add-ons

    Hi all - from someone once very active in the Orbiter Community (2002-2005) but since occasional lurker (2006-present). Hello to anyone who remembers! It may be old hat, but I just stumbled across a resource that may be of interest to anyone who may be developing asteroid add-ons for Orbiter...
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    The Cult of the Probe - In Its Entirety

    Yes, Emp (sorry, still can't get used to it. lol), I know exactly how you feel. Life is definitely good again.... HAIL PROBE!!! - Kelly