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    Question What are you reading?

    Hello, Spacefolk! Long time no see! I just picked up the first 3 books of "The Expanse" by S.A. Corey, right after viewing the explosive finale to the Syfy Channel's television series by the same name. An outstanding show with memorable characters and - finally - no f*cking "warp drive...
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    Request Prometheus (Ship)

    Hello, all: I apologize ~ wasn't thinking clearly the other night, and I kept mixing up real-world physics with an imaginary Orbiter-World situation of having a thrust source at the center of a vessel - but imitating 4 thrust sources on different planes, and both lowering and louvering/levering...
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    Request Prometheus (Ship)

    Just a throwaway idea, and feel free to laugh at my ineptitude... but what happens when you change the actual position of the "single engine" point (presently at (0,0,0, right?) to something ridiculous like (0,0,250), or (0,0,-250)? This would keep the thrust vector aligned in the x & y planes...
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    OHM FTL JumpDrive Sounds

    I'm working on a beaut of a movie which highlights the sights, sounds, effects (and maybe smells, lol) of our little (but growing) flotilla of ships in the Ragtag Fleet, and am in the process of souping up the effects for the Aries (Space Park), Raptor, Colonial One, etc.... now, would it be...
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    LOLOL, reminds me of the dyslexic devil-worshipper: He sold his soul to Santa! Warmly, ZCochrane
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    Orbital math/tiny object orbits - questions

    This thread has reminded me to ask a (relatively) related question: I remember on the old forums there being a discussion of "moons orbiting moons" in the Sol.cfg file - - - I'm at work presently, but have modified a copy of my Sol.cfg file. Does anyone here remember/know the correct syntax for...
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    DOS window

    "Does somebody else remember how he made a specially optimized boot disk for running Harrier Jump Jet ...?" Oh my God, Urwumpe! I DO remember doing that ~ on the Indian island of Timor, wasn't it? I had a blast shooting the little village huts and palm trees, LOL. Wow, did you ever bring...