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  1. thewonderidiot

    V8 Release Work Thread

    Yes, I'm not disagreeing that it can appear that way on camera (as you can see in the first picture I posted). I'm just saying that when you see the screen in person, it does not look that green, at least in the lighting conditions in which I've seen it.
  2. thewonderidiot

    V8 Release Work Thread

    It's very difficult to pin down the color -- it's not quite like anything I've seen before. To try to convey that a bit, both of these pictures were taken of the exact same panel, but with different cameras and under different lighting conditions: I will say that to my eyes, I've never seen it...
  3. thewonderidiot

    Beta SVN Down?

    That fixed it, thanks!
  4. thewonderidiot

    Beta SVN Down?

    I'm trying to get the Orbiter Beta installed, but I'm having trouble with the subversion repository. When I try to checkout svn://orbiter-forum.com/orbiter, I get the message "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Is the SVN down? Or has it moved, or am I...
  5. thewonderidiot

    Question ACG Memory Addressing

    Hi! Unfortunately, the hardware sections of "Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation" are somewhat lacking, and filled with little errors and inaccuracies like these. In general I wouldn't recommend studying it too closely, or trusting what it says, if you're really trying to learn...
  6. thewonderidiot


    Hey Mikael, welcome to the Orbiter forum! Sorry we didn't get back to you quickly here; since this was your first post it was awaiting moderator approval where the people that know what they're talking about couldn't see it. :lol: For anybody reading this in the future, Mikael popped into our...
  7. thewonderidiot

    Docking wth S-4B

    I've edited spacman's post above to add CODE tags around the scenario file. Hopefully that makes it usable.
  8. thewonderidiot

    IRC connection info

    The NASSP dev team is spread around the world, so generally speaking at least one of us will be probably awake and active in the channel (depending on where you're located). The channel is most active from ~14:00 GMT to ~22:00 GMT. Between ~22:00 GMT and ~6:00 GMT it is normally just me, and I...
  9. thewonderidiot


    Hi all! I'm a developer on the VirtualAGC team, and help the NASSP developers out with AGC/AGS-related things here and there. The NASSP development forums are officially relocating here soon, so I thought I would say hello! :)