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  1. Fabri91

    Request Background image on larger-than 16:9 aspect ratio monitors

    A minor item: the background image doesn't fill the background on, for example, ultrawide 21:9 monitors:
  2. Fabri91

    Gaming BMS 4.33 released (Falcon 4.0 mod)

    "DCS: F-16C" in all but name only, this "mod" (which is essentially a complete game by itself) shows that Falcon 4.0 can still fend for its own even after 16+ years! :)
  3. Fabri91

    News AgustaWestland AW609 tilt-rotor prototype aircraft crashes

    http://theaviationist.com/2015/10/30/agustawestland-aw609-tilt-rotor-prototype-aircraft-crashes-in-italy-killing-two-test-pilots/ :censored: :(
  4. Fabri91

    News Spanish Air Force Airbus A-400M crashes near Seville Airport

    Link to Guardian article
  5. Fabri91

    News Four Italian airmen missing after two Air Force jets collide in midair

    Aviation remains a dangerous business. :( http://www.ansa.it/english/news/2014/08/19/two-italian-air-force-jets-collide-in-midair-over-marche_f9408bd3-127a-4f36-90c6-3acfdd3ba539.html The airmen are still missing...some witnesses claim to have seen parachutes, while others disagree.
  6. Fabri91

    News Bombardier CSeries performs maiden flight

    The first new narrowbody passenger jet in a long time finally performed its first flight today. :) CSeries takes off on maiden flight :cheers: ---------- Post added at 19:08 ---------- Previous post was at 19:06 ---------- (For some reason I'm not able to edit the post: upon clicking the...
  7. Fabri91

    News BBC News: Bomb explosion at school in Brindisi, Italy

    Right now it's too early to say if this attack is connected to organized criminality or has more to do with the recent, economically motivated unrests. What is worrying is the fact that a school was targeted, something that didn't happen even during the days of the "Brigate Rosse" (Red Brigades)...
  8. Fabri91

    News Stratolaunch

    Private spaceflight gets new contender with Stratolaunch - Spaceflightnow.com :) Stratolaunch.com website
  9. Fabri91

    FOI - Interview with Martin Schweiger

    We at FOI - Forum Orbiter Italia have been working on this for some days now, but finally we can reveal our plan: on Wednesday 7th of December at 20:30 UTC (most likely, unless something happens) we'll hold an interview with Martin Schweiger during our weekly OLM - Orbiter Live Missions webcast...
  10. Fabri91

    Question UCGO Car Mass

    Hello, I hope I've posted in the right section: after some trial and error I managed to make the UCGO lunar rover compatible with the XR2 cargo bay, but when loaded the ship shows a payload mass of 21,5 tons! I'm sure the lunar rover would not be that heavy, more like 400kg. If possible, I'd...
  11. Fabri91

    Problem Animated SSBB cause CTD with UCD on XR5

    Hello, I've already written about this issue in the O2010 compatibility thread, but the more I test it the more I think it must be something on my side missing, so I thought it would be a good idea to make this thread. :( What happens: I'd like to haul some animated modules of the Station...
  12. Fabri91

    XR5 Expedition - ESA Grand Tour

    Greetings fellow probe-hailers, I've already been to Mars a couple of times, but today I wanted to try something new...in two years of flying Orbiter I've never been to one of it's moons. So I placed a Prelude base on Phobos and loaded up an XR5 with "slightly" modified ISP with enough UCGO...
  13. Fabri91

    General Question RMS/SSRMS: How to grapple objects?

    Hello orbinauts!:tiphat: I have a question regarding the ISS 3.1 addon: after docking with the station in the STS-120 scenario and having released the payload, harmony, that is now floating in the payload bay, I don't seem to be able to grapple it with either the SRMS or the SSRMS. Tried to...